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Provide women and children access to solar cookers to keep them safe and healthy while lowering greenhouse emissions and deforestation with your gift to SCI today!


1 in 3 people in the world cook using polluting open fires or simple stoves fueled by kerosene, coal, and garbage, resulting in negative health and environmental consequences. 

Solar cookers offer a sustainable and powerful solution to those challenges because they have no emissions and use free solar energy for cooking and water pasteurization. 

Solar cooking allows people to breathe cleaner air and drink safer water; prevents greenhouse emissions; and protects biodiversity, habitats, and forests. 

One solar cooker can provide 15 years+ of benefits.  Estimates show over 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are prevented over the lifetime of the current solar cookers identified around the globe.  These emissions are equal to not driving over 76 billion miles.  

Countries can save millions, even billions of dollars annually, through avoided health and environmental costs by incorporating solar cooking.  If everyone currently cooking using polluting fuels used solar cookers ¼ of the time, over 1 trillion dollars could be saved annually across the globe.

SCI focused efforts in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, beginning in early 2019 to impact over 1,900 refugees and avoid over 5,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide with solar cooking by 2022.  Local female solar cooking champions conduct training with ongoing monitoring and evaluation, along with follow-up and support to ensure the successful use of solar cookers.


Solar Cookers International obtained special consultative status with the United Nations in 1996, and volunteer UN representatives work with the civil society and ECOSOC to promote solar cooking as a 'quick fix' to the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

2002 awarded the Ashden Award for their work with solar cookers in Kenya.

2006 awarded the esteemed World Renewable Energy Award.

2021 awarded the Keeling Curve Prize, which recognizes “the most impactful climate projects around the world.”  SCI is one of ten winners selected from approximately 400 applicants from around the world after a rigorous evaluation. 

With over 35 years of experience, Solar Cookers International continues its vital work to build sustainable field projects, advocate globally, connect Solar Cookers International partners, and educate the world about the benefits and importance of solar cooking.


Improving human health, economic well-being, women’s empowerment, and the environment by promoting climate-friendly solar cooking for vulnerable populations worldwide.


Women and young girls throughout the world need solar cookers so they are not at risk of being attacked while collecting firewood.

Children need to go to school rather than spend their time scavenging for cooking fuel.

Families save money using solar cookers. Money that can be used for food and education.

Climate change and deforestation are rising. Solar Cookers can reduce greenhouse emissions and the need to cut down trees for cooking.

$1,000 can help test a solar cooker to provide accurate cooking data for solar cooks around the world.

$1,500 can sponsor one of SCI's newsletters to show an international audience your commitment to our environment and women and children.

$5,000 can support our activities in places like Kakuma Refugee Camp, where women like Rebecca live on less than $1.90 a day and food rations like cornmeal powder.

$10,000 can support our advocacy efforts at international events with high-level government officials and changemakers.

Equity Statement

Solar Cookers International is committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging as a priority for the organization. The environment that we strive to create will require long term, continuous self-reflection and evolution of ourselves and SCI. Below are a set of core commitments we are making both internally and to our greater community. These commitments serve as a touchstone for us to bear in mind as we make key decisions, action plan, and assess our progress.

We work to be inclusive, welcoming, and respectful of one another's experiences, backgrounds, and cultures in order to work towards an environment where we can all be heard and participate fully – especially those most impacted by equity issues.

We commit to continuous learning about how our identities impact our lives and workplace, acknowledging power and privilege, and taking responsibility for our impact.

We build fair access to resources, opportunities, and leadership in order to ensure inclusion and full participation of underrepresented communities.

We strive to learn from, listen to, collaborate with, and highlight those who lack access to solar cookers and those most empowered by solar cooking in order to identify and promote clean-cooking-related solutions that work within our global and diverse communities.

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Equity Statement


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