Sisters Animal Sanctuary

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In 2003, the SAS Co-founders, Julie and Kathy, rescued a little black cat on the side of the freeway, earning the name "Freeway," and in their quest to answer the question "what can we do and how can we do it," to help these animals in need, the answer evolved into the formation of Sisters Animal Sanctuary.  Since its inception in 2003, SAS, a cage-free, no-kill rescue/sanctuary has rescued and saved the lives of countless cats that otherwise wouldn't have had a chance. SAS has provided them with veterinary care and lifetime protection in a safe and loving environment, and when possible, provided the best adoptive home to meet each individual cat's needs.  Our mission, passion, and commitment is to save those less fortunate animals that have been abandoned, need help or medical attention, or just need unconditional love.  This is combined with our tireless advocacy for animals and their rights and continuing to work at educating the community-at-large regarding issues about feral and stray cats, spay/neuter resources, and providing guidance and direction on how to receive an adopted or rescued pet into their home.


To rescue cats, including feral cats, and provide a place of refuge and protection until loving, permanent homes can be found and to provide a lifetime home for animals that do not get adopted or are unadoptable. We are committed to help those animals that have been abused, abandoned, and generally treated as disposable and forgotten, while maintaining our mission and passion to help stop animal over population by working toward a goal of having no more homeless animals.


Donations for the veterinary and health care costs that comprise the largest portion of the sanctuary budget. Our aging kitties need more extensive medical care, including dental procedures/treatment (each dental costs $750-$1,500); senior annual exams (cost $400-$600).

In addition, many of our cats have special needs requiring medications, extensive testing, and dietary restrictions/requirements. Dental procedures are so important to ensure they are not in pain and to maintain their overall health. All of the donations given to the sanctuary are used for the welfare of our cats; NONE are used for administrative or overhead costs.

The sanctuary is in need of dedicated volunteers to work during the day between 10:30 am - 1:30 pm. Working at least a two-hour shift is most helpful. In addition, volunteers are needed with carpentry and general building skills and those that can assist with maintenance and repairs of the facility, and grounds maintenance.

Donations for everyday supplies such as cat food, litter, litter boxes, scratchers, paper towels, laundry detergent, and dish soap. The sanctuary also needs a power generator for emergency use when the power goes out which results in the well (our main water source) not operating.

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Sisters Animal Sanctuary

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Animal Related

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$50,001 - $100,000

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11520 Fogg Road
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