Senior Center of Elk Grove

Reviewed in 2021 by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

The Senior Center of Elk Grove has served the Elk Grove senior community for almost 40 years.

Located in southern Sacramento County, the City of Elk Grove is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the United States and our membership reflects that diversity. We value the life experience of every senior, and all are welcomed with a smile and a friendly greeting.

We believe everyone, particularly seniors, should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe in kindness, loyalty, and each other. Compassion, generosity, and friendship are abundant at the Center. We watch out for each other. If one of the seniors is unexpectedly gone, it is noticed. You matter to us. We worry together, celebrate together, and mourn together.

Although the last couple of years has been challenging, the Senior Center was able to re-open in July 2021 to all seniors in our community.   The seniors have been able to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle, both physically and mentally because they have access to the Senior Center. 

For those who cannot come into the Senior Center or remain cautious of crowds, the new website is available to offer almost all our usual exercise classes to the seniors.  

The Center offers Aerobics, Balance Matters, Chair Exercise, Core & Strength (a big favorite!), Fame, Gentle Yoga, Line Dancing, 3 forms of Tai Chi - Traditional, and two levels of Sun Style - and Zumba Gold.  On the artsy/fun side, we offer Genealogy, Writers Group, Art classes, Book Group, Bridge, Trivia, Karaoke, Bunco, Mahjong, Open Artists Studio, Scrabble, Game Time, Card Making and Ukulele.  Support groups are attended by many seniors and include Men’s Talk Group, Parkinson’s Support and Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support.

Physicians send seniors to the Center to participate in the many available programs, fitness being one of them. Those who participate in these exercise/body strength and balance building classes tell us that both they and their doctors are incredibly pleased with the changes in their physical strength, and their ability to live a less stressful life due to the opportunity to see and visit other people who care about them, and their bodies are responding in kind to this overall sense of well-being created by their participation at the Center.

We receive calls every day from seniors needing answers to questions regarding transportation, senior living opportunities, legal issues, problems with family members and or medical questions. There are many reliable resources within the City of Elk Grove and others offered through the County of Sacramento and Medical facilities that are excellent resources for referrals. We try to answer all calls for information, referrals and those simply looking for connection.

Most importantly, the Center has created an environment that helps people feel safe and welcome, a Home away from Home. For some, a family that they either currently do not have or never had. We encourage them to "Step Back into life" at the Senior Center.

Our membership exceeds 1,500 seniors from all over Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties.  Our membership reflects the diversity of our community.  Our members range in age from 50 years to 102 years and come from many ethnicity's, walks of life and countries.  The Senior Center of Elk Grove is proud to call all its members "family".


Senior Center of Elk Grove empowers adults in our community who are 50 and over to live meaningful, healthy, and dignified lives by providing programs for fitness, lifelong learning, social interaction, and independence in a welcoming environment.


Funding and donations enables the Senior Center to continue and expand the programs the Seniors in our community need.

Funding and donations enable the Senior Center to continue and expand the programs that the Seniors in our community need.

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