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SCHMF has been conducting leadership, education, and training programs targeting under served communities of color for the last twenty years. Our programs began with the Exceptional Women of Color Conference (EWOC) and have expanded to include the Young Women's Summit and Scholarship Program (YWS), Black Physicians Forum and Medical Student Scholarship Program (BPF), Sacramento Community Book Forum, Black History Month Business Mixer, Reducing African American Childhood Death (RAACD) Black Child Legacy Campaign, Sisters Saving Sisters (SSS) Breast Cancer Prevention and Transportation Hub, Health Access Education Program (launched from our initial Affordable Care Act Education Program), and social media training programs. Each initiative is focused on achieving at least one of our core mission objectives, builds on our success, and responds to the feedback from participants, community surveys, and community leaders.

SCHMF programs bring together communities of color to help them recognize the talent and resources that already exist in the community. This creates further opportunities for members to build stronger relationships and common solutions for problems the community faces. In order to improve the length and quality of life of African Americans solutions that address the social determinants of health are needed and must be supported by a broad base of partners to create sustainable change. SCHMF is helping to build those relationships and inform community members across northern California.

SCHMF, in partnership with its sister organization the Media Company (SCHMC), is recognized for its achievements in disseminating information on entertainment, education, health, and entrepreneurship. SCHMC serves as a bridge addressing the digital divide that can prevent information from being spread to low-income and underserved ethnic communities. SCHMC is Northern California's only multi level urban media outlet that has been successful in attracting a loyal fan base of readers/users that visit and bookmark the website as well as subscribe to THE HUB Magazine. receives over two million hits per month with 25,000 unique visitors each month. THE HUB Magazine (published through SCHMC) is a quarterly print publication that reaches 500,000 readers in Northern California and is distributed via mail and 60 business distribution sites. The audience is 75% female and 25% male; and 85% African American and 15% other ethnicities.

SCHMF and Media Company utilizes a team of content area expert consultants to achieve our goals. Our eight consultant skills include: business administration, broadcast and print media, social media, advertising, marketing, event planning, program development, and education. They are innovative individuals that work tirelessly to bring quality programs to Californians. Their diverse skills allow us to seamlessly create synergy among the various communication channels and programs.

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The Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation (SCHMF) mission is to utilize cooperative measures to develop and implement health, leadership, and advocacy programs that educate, empower, and train communities of color in underserved communities.


HealthHub ($25,000):

This application will connect community members with health resources, public health measures and health policy that impact communities of color. The COVID pandemic demonstrated how health disparities that continue to disproportionately affect communities of color jeopardize the health of entire communities. There is a significant need for bringing consistent and accurate information on how to manage health. The application will be a centralized resource on COVID testing and vaccination clinics, mental health resources, health insurance enrollment, navigation services, tobacco prevention, and public health initiatives serving the community.

Black Physicians News ($10,000):

This online channel features physicians of color in the greater Sacramento area. It provides a platform for hearing from African American health professionals on a variety of topics and creates a library of the latest health news. The expanded directory will connect community members to culturally competent physicians offices in northern California.

Youth and Young Adult Scholarships ($5,000):

Scholarships are awarded to youth and young adults pursuing higher education, entrepreneurship and career advancement. Awards have supported students with funds from $500-$1,000 each for youth essays, medical student book scholarships, social media internships, and special student driven projects.

Exceptional Women of Color Conference (EWOC) and EWOCHub mentorship ($15,000):

EWOC provides education and training for women of color in business, education, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing and other fields. The EWOCHub application will expand on the information gained at the annual conference and connect young and adult women with mentorship opportunities year round. It will also feature a women in leadership speaker series.

Black Mothers Maternal Health Crisis Digital Storytelling Project (BMDSP) (40,000)

BMDSP captures the lives and challenges black families face in birthing healthy children. The in-depth report and documentary will showcase solutions and trauma-informed care practices that decrease African American child deaths and improve birth outcomes across California.

Equity Statement

SCHMF believes all people deserve to live well in communities that value and support their individuality and group experiences. We are dedicated to provide information that expands opportunities, advocates for justice, builds mutually beneficial partnerships, and highlights assets of race/culture, gender, income, sexual orientation, religion, ability, etc.

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