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Reviewed in 2022 by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

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River City Cat Rescue is a no kill rescue that was formed in 2006 by a small group of dedicated cat lovers that had years of experience helping cats in their own community. With their personal experiences caring for strays and helping others, River City Cat Rescue came together to help on a bigger scale. We are a foster based rescue that provide care from our homes while the cats in our care wait to be adopted into loving homes. 


River City Cat Rescue's mission is to spay and neuter as many cats as possible. To educate people about animal overpopulation and the benefits of spaying and neutering. Advocate in favor of non-lethal methods for the reduction of feral cat populations. Rescue cats in peril and provide them with veterinary and foster care until they are adopted into loving homes.


We need all kinds of cat care items. Litter, both clay and clumping. Food, all brands, for our foster cats and feral colonies. Toys, any kind, our kittens and cats love them. We use towels and blankets in our kennels and for covering traps during TNR.

The majority of our funding goes towards the care of the kittens and cats. We pay for veterinary care, medicine, medical supplies, dry/wet food, kitten formula, litter, kennels, carriers, other supplies that are used in display of the cats during adoptions.

We need fosters throughout the year so we can continue to help on a larger scale. Foster homes are invaluable. They commit to caring for the cats/kittens and transporting for medical procedures or adoption events. We are looking for experienced cat people who are not afraid of medicating of giving any necessary medicine while in their care.

We need a low cost veterinary to do cat dentals. Some of the cats coming into the rescue need dentals and the high cost today makes it unaffordable for rescues. We are looking for a facility where we can pay cost or slightly higher to provide the cats with better health so they can be adopted.

Cat posts are needed for the foster homes to provide necessary physical activity for the cats. We will take gently used post as a donation as well.

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River City Cat Rescue

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$50,001 - $100,000

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In-Kind Donations, Funding: Program, Volunteers, Other, Funding: Other


P.O. Box 41326
Sacramento, CA 95841

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Sacramento, CA, US

Carmichael, CA, US

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North Highlands, CA, US

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