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Home means sanctuary, the place to rest, enjoy time with friends and family, age, grow … and just be.

No matter what place you call home, the very word strikes a chord deep inside each of us. Our homes and communities say a lot about who we are and what we think is important in life.

The importance of "home" has never been as evident as a year filled with stay-at-home orders, natural disasters, economic difficulties, an increase in homelessness, and other home-related challenges.

The challenges are also significant for those who can no longer care for or make changes in their home that will contribute to the ability to age in place. Alternative housing options are limited and out of reach financially for a large percentage of the population.

RTS understands the connection between "home" and health and safety.

RTS provides a variety of home improvement services that improve the health, safety, and efficiency in homes owned by those who have physical and financial limitations.

RTS understands the connection between the conditions of a home and neighborhood and the residents' ability to thrive. We improve the living conditions of those who are low-income, elderly, disabled, or families with children. We improve the health, safety, and efficiency of deteriorating homes and neighborhoods and help older adults and people with disabilities live independently at home.

RTS started as "Christmas in April" in 1991 when a group of community volunteers repaired the home of an elderly homeowner. The affiliate joined a national network that now has 140 affiliates across the country. In 2001, the name was changed to Rebuilding Together Sacramento to reflect a year-round approach to home repairs and modifications. Since 1991, over 7,000 homes have been improved in Sacramento providing over $17 million in home and neighborhood improvements.

The solutions RTS brings to the table are increasingly more relevant. The number of older adults whose home is not equipped for aging in place is growing at an unprecedented rate. Childhood asthma is at an all-time high, often due to issues in the home. The majority of homes owned by low-income homeowners are inefficient and generate high utility bills. Neighborhoods and public facilities are deteriorating.

Those issues are addressed through four major programs. The Safe at Home program provides safety aids to improve independence and decrease falls. The Home Energy Conservation Program decreases energy use and improves the occupants' comfort. The Rebuild Events result in extensive repairs that improve the health and safety of many homes in a neighborhood. The Critical Repair Program repairs or replaces single items such as roofs and HVAC systems in specific communities. The work is performed by volunteers and paid staff or contractors.

RTS is an extremely cost-effective charity so your donation will make a huge impact.


We repair homes, revitalize communities, and rebuild lives. Our services improve the health, safety and independence of those with low-income, disabilities, older adults and families with children through home and neighborhood improvements.


Construction, banking, marketing, resource development, healthcare, business, older adults and people with disabilities representative of our community.

Unrestricted Funding. Most of the funding we receive is restricted to program costs. We also need financial support for other operating costs associated with a nonprofit organization such as insurance, rent, equipment, etc.

For our Rebuild Days, Resource Development and Safe at Home Installers.

Our website describes the various volunteer opportunities.

$80,000 for the Safe at Home Program to expand our services to serve more people with disabilities and increase the type of modifications provided.

Construction related.

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Rebuilding Together Sacramento

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$1,000,001-$5 million

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Board Members, Funding: Program, Funding: Unrestricted, In-Kind Donations, Volunteers

Demographics Served

Individuals with disabilities, Seniors, Veterans


8231 Alpine Ave Suite 3
Sacramento, CA 95826

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Sacramento, CA, US

El Dorado, CA, US





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