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The Rangeland Trust has been an agricultural conservation leader in California since 1998. With cattlemen and women making up the majority of our Board o4 Directors, our shared values with the ranching community have made us the preferred choice when landowners decide to protect their land for future generations.  As a result, the Rangeland Trust has grown to be the largest land trust in California with nearly 100 ranches and 394,000 acres conserved.

The Rangeland Trust works with the ranching community in our state to protect working lands using conservation easements.  Our partners, often multigenerational landowners, are committed to sustainable management of their livestock businesses.  Through well-managed grazing, these ranchers provide:

  • Healthy fish and wildlife habitat
  • Clean air and water
  • Food security
  • Wildfire fuel reduction
  • Facilitate climate adaptation

Through these ecological benefits, the lands conserved by the Rangeland Trust are providing $1 billion in environmental benefits annually.

Every gift matters in this effort, and every donation is a smart investment in the future of California! Rangeland Trust conservation easements return $3.47 for every dollar invested.

While 394,000 acres is cause to celebrate, it's not enough to sustain us into the future. Fortunately, there are plenty of landowners who want to conserve through the Rangeland Trust, and you can help! Let's take this opportunity in 2024 to reach 100 families served through conservation!

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The Rangeland Trust's mission is to serve the land, people, and wildlife by conserving California's working rangelands. Our vision is that, through conservation, working ranches will be recognized by all Californians as the best way to protect what matters - clean air and water, healthy food, open space, and our Western culture, values and communities.


Your gift makes conservation happen!

Your donation to California Rangeland Trust will support activities toward our core mission, including moving conservation efforts forward while we seek funding, partnering with coalitions throughout the state to maximize the benefits of conserved rangelands for landscape-scale habitat health, and serving ranching families by sharing their stories, connecting them to new resources, and building a community of passionate land stewards.

Some of our partners include the South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan, the American Farmland Trust, Audubon, and Intermountain West Joint Venture (preserving wetlands for migrating birds).

The people who steward our state's working landscapes are at the heart of what we do. Our ranching community is made up of dedicated families who have spent generations developing environmentally friendly initiatives that promote a healthier planet. They have chosen to partner with the Rangeland Trust to ensure ranchers can continue to provide these services in perpetuity.

Connecting people to the land is also critically important to our health and well-being. To care about the land, you have to know it first. Our ranching partners help provide unique educational and celebratory experiences on their private lands for community members of all ages and backgrounds.

Equity Statement

The California Rangeland Trust values diversity and strives to create a welcoming community in which all individuals are respected and included. We support respectful and meaningful inquiry across actual or perceived differences. These differences could include age, appearance, ethnicity, gender, language, political ideology, race, religion/spirituality, sex, socio-economic status, and other personal identities and experiences.

We live and work in an increasingly interconnected world. The ability to include, communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with diverse individuals is critical to the success of the Trust. To that end, we engage in a dialogue to understand our common values, our differences, and how we can work together to preserve and protect the natural resources and heritage of our ranching families across California.

The entire Board and staff play a role in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will continue to focus on what is important in order to create sustainability and support for our work.

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Equity Statement


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