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It all began in the basement of a church in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

In 1966, a group of parents came together to discuss how to create opportunities for their adult children with disabilities. These parents - true pioneers of the modern inclusivity movement - came up with a solution that enabled their children to experience the dignity, independence, and sense of purpose that comes with employment. That solution was PRIDE Industries.

From our small beginnings , PRIDE Industries has grown to become the nation's leading employer of people with disabilities and those with other barriers to employment.

As PRIDE has grown, so has the reach of its mission. PRIDE employs individuals in diverse fields, including manufacturing and logistics and facilities management - all made possible by a wide spectrum of support services. We're dedicated to normalizing workforce inclusion - shifting the paradigm about the value people with disabilities bring to a high-performance workforce.

PRIDE envisions a world where every employer joins us in empowering a truly inclusive and functional workforce at all levels of the organization. We now share our unique expertise with companies of all sizes to help them achieve their diversity and inclusion goals - expanding our founders' dream from a local effort into a service that benefits thousands of people across the country every year.

In June of 2020, The Michael Ziegler PRIDE Industries Foundation was created in honor of Michael "Zig" Ziegler, PRIDE Industries' CEO, for the last 37 years. Zig dedicated his life to creating jobs for people with disabilities, veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors.

PRIDE Industries' operational revenue pays for all Foundation administrative expenses, so that 100% of your donations fund our programs that benefit people with disabilities, veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors, such as:
-Vocational training
-Workforce education, training, and job coaching
-Job support technology
-Other accommodations


To create employment for people with disabilities.


I AM ABLE Helpline: The PRIDE Industries I AM ABLE Helpline is a free service for people with disabilities and their families. Our Helpline Advisors provide information and guidance and, further, can connect callers to employment support programs and other resources. This new service is yet another way that PRIDE Industries helps people with disabilities navigate their path to meaningful employment. 1-844-I-AM-ABLE.

Employment Services for People with Disabilities: Of the 29.5 million working-age Americans who have a disability, more than half do not qualify for Social Security or other assistance. PRIDE Industries helps all people with disabilities, whether or not they receive government assistance. Your generous donations support community employment, job training and employment preparation programs, and additional resources and tools that ensure long-term employment success for people with disabilities.

Foster & At-Risk Youth Employment Services: Every year, 20,000 young people age out of foster care. About 65 percent of them experience homelessness and food insecurity. PRIDE Industries helps former foster youth find life-changing employment. Participants in our youth programs work one-on-one with job developers and coaches who provide soft-skills training, educational connections, paid internships, work-related items such as interview clothes, and extended coaching/mentoring support.

Assistive Technology: Assistive devices are used by individuals with disabilities to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. Your donations provide much-needed funding to help people with disabilities acquire hardware, software, and other equipment that enables them to work, learn and connect with the world.

Please share the news! PRIDE Industries is proud to launch a new service this year. Our toll-free helpline, 1-844-I-AM-ABLE, will help people with disabilities and their families access the information and resources they need. But only if they know about it. Please support people with disabilities in the Sacramento region by letting your friends, families, and social networks know about 1-844-I-AM-ABLE.

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