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The Natomas Garden and Arts Club, Inc. (NGAC) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation formed by residents of Natomas in 2017 and incorporated July, 2018. One main goal of NGAC efforts is to build a permanent Garden & Arts Center and Public Art Gallery at the former fire station, located at 1591 Newborough Drive and Truxel Road in South Natomas. Providing a physical home for continuing education, demonstration and inspiration for our neighborhood is of vital importance. The City of Sacramento has allocated funds to update the building on the property and has committed to installing the Natomas Garden & Arts Club as the custodian of this community resource. While we wait for our Center, we are expanding our network of civic planning professionals, historic groups, neighborhood associations, schools, libraries, galleries, plant nurseries, conservation groups, and other groups that have similar missions. The NGAC is also actively creating opportunities for public input to assure that we are developing programming that will be meaningful and inspirational for the people we serve.


The mission of the Natomas Garden & Arts Club is to connect and enrich our community through gardening and the arts. We achieve our mission by nurturing and promoting the talents of our community, and by increasing both the independence and inter-connectedness of our residents. It is the purpose of the Natomas Garden & Arts Club to coordinate resources and support the Community's efforts to create gardens and artworks that inspire, educate, and nourish.


The Natomas Garden & Arts Club needs to find four additional Board members committed to a three-year term. It would help our group interface with our community if the new Board members were drawn from community groups less well represented in the current demographics of the Board composition. We need enthusiastic members ready to interface with our wonderful community. We need artists and creatives in any and all media, including music, written, and spoken word. We need gardeners and environmentalists ready to take on environmental justice issues facing our community. We need a meteorologist!!!

Unrestricted funding would allow us to apply for match fund grants such as the SMUD SHINE 2021 grant. Funding would be used to prepare the grounds for demonstration and teaching gardens, gathering spaces, and other landscaping elements. Interior furnishings and design would include a public art gallery, meeting spaces, classrooms and reception areas. Board members currently do all staff tasks voluntarily, including marketing and media, accounting and bookkeeping, project management, grant research and writing, as well as all administrative tasks. Unrestricted funds would eventually enable to compensate our most valuable assets (such as tax prep, data management, and marketing).

Starting from scratch, we have many material needs. Being a creative organization, we are able to add our skilled labor to donated raw materials to create the items we will need. Additionally, since the nature of our industry is creative, much of our supply needs can be donated for use. Raw lumber for the garden and for creative construction, paint for murals (both exterior, interior, and artist's acrylics), brushes, canvases), as well as any other materials that can be used for arts and crafts activities with our youth groups. We will also need tools, both hand tools and larger tools. One of our main goals is to get a community stump grinder to help homeowners and the Sacramento Tree Foundation's urban greening project. We will need interior furnishings such as lobby furniture, lighting fixtures, office furniture.

As a start-up organization, we will need hardware and software for administration as well as for instruction. We will need computers, phones, security, and surveillance equipment.

Currently, our Board members and volunteers are doing the work of administration, accounting, marketing, grant writing, and all other organizational duties. We will need to secure funding or income to begin hiring paid staff.

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Natomas Garden & Arts Club

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Board Members, Funding: Other, Funding: Unrestricted, In-Kind Donations, Technology


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