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The Natomas Garden and Arts Collective, Inc. (aka "NGAC", formerly known as the "The Natomas Garden and Arts Club") is a nonprofit public benefit corporation formed by residents of Natomas in 2017 and incorporated July, 2018. This past year the NGAC has made great strides towards our main goal to build a permanent Garden & Arts Center and Public Art Gallery at the former fire station, located at 1591 Newborough Drive and Truxel Road in South Natomas. We have a team dedicated to the many meetings with the City of Sacramento Planning and Design Team, and we are in the final phases leading up to groundbreaking.

Thank you to our supporters and to the Board for patiently wading through the hard, dreary minutia of 1591 Newborough Dr.municipal development. Throughout the tedium of planning, meeting, reviewing, and revising, The Natomas Garden & Arts Collective has thrived by continuing to expand our community networks, by strengthening our internal infrastructure, and by expanding and adapting our meaningful programming. As our name change implies, we have recognized and we are trying to emphasize the important future civic and cultural role of our organization as administrators of the new Natomas Garden & Arts Center and Gallery. We are increasing and facilitating committee and volunteer activity, as well as providing professional training and opportunities for our growing Board of Directors. 

Chalk Art by Amie T

 We participated, as always, in Chalk It Up (Around Natomas and at Fremont Park this year). We have continued to coordinate with volunteers to do regular work days at the Ninos Community Garden, the Ninos Pollinator Garden, and to do clean up days at the 1591 Newborough Dr. location. As we have since 2020, we continue to engage our members with monthly zoom presentation on a variety of community, art, and gardening topics shared by our inspirational friends and networks. As much as possible, we have gingerly restarted our in-person teen art and garden activities. These supplement the zoom meetings we hold and the series of You-Tube Videos we have created and made publicly available for instructional and educational purposes.

Inspiration Station Zoom Open Studio

We have broadened our programming to expand opportunities for local artists to show and sell their work. It is also our priority to develop other ways to pay our local creatives. In October, we hosted a Día De Los Muertos Workshop which was a wonderful success. This workshop was the first of many local creatives, artists, and gardeners will be paid by our organization in the years to come. Dia De Los Muertos Event Flyer


We loYoung Artists Outside the South Natomas Community Center & Libraryok forward to opening our new facility, where we can do paint 'n sip or make 'n take get-togethers, both inside our facility, or in the recesses of our beautifully landscaped gardens. We will soon enjoy art show openings at our (indoor) Gallery, and host poetry readings, spoken word, and acoustic music presentations in a great new space. 

Proposed Site Development 
1591 Newborough Dr.

It is a tribute to you, our supporters, for keeping aloft this nebulous dream. I have no doubt our new reality will be even better!



The mission of the Natomas Garden & Arts Collective (previously known as the Natomas Garden & Arts Club) is to connect and enrich our community through gardening and the arts. We achieve our mission by nurturing and promoting the talents of our community, and by increasing both the independence and inter-connectedness of our residents. We serve the underrepresented and represent the underserved. It is the purpose of the Natomas Garden & Arts Club to coordinate resources and support the Community's efforts to create gardens and artworks that inspire, educate, and nourish.


Thanks to last year's BDOG outreach, the Natomas Garden & Arts Collective (formerly the Natomas Garden & Arts Club) is doing a great job expanding our outreach and membership. We always looking for new members who want to help give voice to underrepresented sectors of our community. We want our service mission and our organizational priorities to reflect those of our neighbors, families, and friends here in Natomas. We love enthusiastic people ready to share and breathe life into fascinating ideas. We need artists and creatives in any and all media, including music, written, and spoken word. We need gardeners and environmentalists able to take on environmental justice and livability issues facing our community in creative and innovative ways.

A source of unrestricted funds would allow us more flexibility as we begin the landscaping for our new facility. Since the City's timetable for construction begins this year, we want to be ready to prepare the grounds for demonstration and teaching gardens, gathering spaces, and other landscaping elements concurrent with the City's work schedule. This way we can take advantage of any opportunities to consolidate or reduce construction costs. We also plan to embellish our landscape with furnishings and garden art to create an inspirational gathering spot for the community.

The City will complete the refurbishing of the building structure in late 2022 or early 2023. When we move in, the Natomas Garden & Arts Collective will install a public art gallery, meeting spaces, workspaces, and reception areas for which we will eventually need interior furnishings, lighting, and décor. As a start-up organization, we will need office equipment for administration, planning, and marketing. We will need computers, phones, security, lighting, and a surveillance system. We are looking for industry sponsorships and donations from mission aligned companies for as many of our material needs as possible.

Board members currently undertake all staff tasks voluntarily, including marketing and media, accounting and bookkeeping, project management, grant research and writing, as well as all administrative tasks. Unrestricted funds would eventually enable to compensate our most valuable donated assets (such as tax prep, data management, marketing, and grant writing).

Starting from scratch, we have many material needs. Luckily, because of the nature and culture of our organization, we have abundant skilled labor and imagination to supplement generously donated or sponsored raw materials. We are planning design, construction, and maintenance workshops and learning opportunities. We will be able to generate many of the items we will need while providing a teachable experience for community members. At the same time we will also be creating treasured items of beauty and meaning for our Community At & Garden Center and Gallery. We will, however, need both hand tools and larger tools to accomplish this vision. One of our main goals is to get a community stump grinder to help homeowners and the Sacramento Tree Foundation's urban greening project. We will need an electric mower and tiller for continued landscaping projects. If possible, we are very interested in finding carbon neutral options for our needs.

Currently, our Board members and volunteers are doing the work of administration, accounting, marketing, grant writing, programming, and all other organizational duties. In the future, we will need to secure funding or income to begin hiring paid staff.

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Natomas Garden & Arts Collective

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Natomas Garden & Arts Club, NGAC

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Community Improvement, Capacity Building

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Board Members, Funding: Other, Funding: Unrestricted, In-Kind Donations, Technology

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AAPI, Animals, BIPOC, Immigrants & refugees, Individuals with disabilities, Seniors, Veterans, Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx, Low-income individuals/families, LGBTQ+


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