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In 1963, four members of the Sacramento Chinese American community established a performing arts organization for local Chinese youth. They believed participation in the newly formed "Ye Wah Drum and Lyre Corps" would generate community interest,  create civic consciousness, and foster cultural pride. Although initially just eleven children joined, over the ensuing decade, the group steadily grew in number and proficiency --  gaining local, national and international recognition.  The group performed in such prestigious events as State and National championships, Taiwan's presidential inauguration ceremonies (1972 and 1974), and Hawaii's King Kamehameha Parade (1974).

In 1974, the organization was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and the name was changed to "Mandarins of Sacramento, Inc".  Mandarins programs were also opened to all young people of any nationality, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation who were interested in music and performing arts.  Since then, thousands of young men and women from all over the world and diverse backgrounds have been part of the Mandarins family. Mandarins continues to offer quality programs including becoming a two-time recipient of the prestigious Spirit of Disney Award, signifying outstanding achievement, excellence in educational and entertainment programs for youth.

In 2022, Mandarins celebrates 59 continuous years service. The organization continues to be nationally recognized, serving more than 1,500 young people annually through four programs tailored to meet the needs of young people in the Sacramento region.


Transforming Lives through Performing Arts! Mandarins is committed to developing life skills in young people by providing an ideal balance of education, family values, and respect through the discipline of music education and performing arts. We celebrate and embrace diversity in all of its forms including gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic diversity. We believe that everyone brings their individual identity AND unites to create amazing musical ensembles. Students learn how teamwork, dedication, hard work, perseverance, goal setting, and discipline contributes to their successes - now and in their future endeavors.


MANDARINS MUSIC CENTER: Mandarins purchased our permanent facility in March 2019. Located at 9792 Business Park Drive, Sacramento, California 95827, the building has become the hub of Mandarins music and fundraising activities. The building has been transformed into a true music center, including rooms for educators to give private lessons, a rehearsal site for music groups who need a safe place to practice, and support for the Mandarins programs. This year, Mandarins would like to add an area for instrument repair and sanitation.

Estimated Costs. The initial improvements to the building exceeded $400,000 but there still remains work to be done. Mandarins wants to install state of the art audio and visual equipment in the "Band Room" which will allow performing arts groups to review their rehearsals and "Live Stream" events. Estimated cost is $10,000.

Mandarins would also like to acquire a sonic cleaner for instruments to be cleaned and sterilized. Estimated cost of the cleaner is $25,000.

MANDARINS MUSIC ACADEMY: Mandarins seeks program sponsors for the young people participating in Mandarins Winter Winds and Mandarins Summer Leadership and Brass Academy programs. Many of our local youth have parents who face economic challenges and are not able to raise the funds to allow their children to participate in these innovative programs A gift of $100 will allow Mandarins to offer a full scholarship to these deserving students.

INSTRUMENTS: Mandarins supplies all instruments for all performances for Mandarins Music Academy Mandarins Entertainment, and Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps. Instruments must be repaired and maintained each year and must be replaced every two to three years.

Estimated costs: $125,000 per year.

MANDARINS DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS: Our elite performers program - Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps - continues to tour the United States each summer, providing 160 young adults (ages 16 - 21) with a once in a life time experience playing an original musical score in a highly choreographed marching field show . The total budget for this program is $700,000 broken down as follows:

Transportation/Maintenance: Mandarins uses one ton, heavy-duty pickup trucks to pull a trailer to transport supplies, props, and production equipment. The truck is also used to transport crew and for shopping runs. The current vehicle is high mileage and needs to be replaced. Ongoing maintenance on all vehicles is required to counteract normal wear and tear on vehicles and equipment. Estimated Cost: $60,000.

Mobile Kitchen: Affectionately known as the "Mushu Cafe". Our kitchen volunteers prepare more than 60,000 individual meals each summer. All food is purchased and prepared on tour so members have healthy, balanced meals. the annual food budget is $150,000.

Touring: Performers compete in 25 or more competitions throughout California and the United States each summer, ending at DCI Championships in Indianapolis. The staff, performers and equipment travel approximately 12,000 miles through 26 states in four tour buses, two semis, a box truck and trailer, motorhome, and two pickup trucks and trailers. The estimated costs includes leasing of buses, motorhomes, semi-tractor rigs to pull our trailers, housing and practice facilities, insurance, and a health and wellness team, as well as diesel, gasoline, housing facilities, and entry fees is $440,000.

Equipment: Mandarins supplies all uniforms, musical instruments, props, costumes, flags, and provides all transportation, food and housing during the 12,000 mile summer tour. Annual Cost: $40,000.

Instruction: Mandarins hires nationally recognized composers, designers and instructors. Estimated costs: $60,000.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Since its inception in 2017, Mandarins has enlisted health care professionals from varied disciplines to provide medical guidance and hands-on assistance to corps members during the DCI Summer Tour.

With an initial focus on injury prevention and treatment, participation in the project has grown from a handful of volunteer contributors to a network of practitioners throughout the United States. Mandarins strives to prevent injuries amongst participants in the marching arts. To do so, Mandarins needs funding for equipment and staff throughout the year.

Estimated Costs: $20,000 per year

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