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Founded in 2013, Improve Your Tomorrow (IYT) is a community based non-profit focused on serving the educational needs of young men of color. Our organization predominantly serves students who are academically underperforming, socially at-risk, and/or have experienced chronic stress or violence at home or in their community. We currently serve more than a 1,000 students through two programs across Northern California; the IYT College Academy and IYT U at Sacramento State University. The IYT College Academy is a program of IYT that serves students at traditional high schools and middle schools. The program currently serves 855 students at 16 high schools and middle schools in Sacramento including: Valley High School, Burbank High School, Natomas High School, Discovery High School, Monterey Trails High School, Del Campo High School, Mira Loma High School, Florin High School, Encina High School, Samuel Jackman Middle School, James Rutter Middle School, Will Rogers Middle School and Natomas Gateway Middle School.

The core initiatives and services provided to IYT students include:
- Academic Support: Weekly tutoring, monthly skills institutes, and summer workshops;
- College Preparation: College readiness advice, application coaching, and university visits;
- College Success: Grants/emergency loans to IYT college students, monthly mentorship check-ins, quarterly video calls, scholarships, and financial aid assistance;
- Workforce Development: Annual career exploration trips, six-week paid Capitol Internship Program, and IYT College Hire Program (employs IYT college students as mentors/tutors); and
- Mentorship: Mentors meet monthly in small groups and individually to review grades, attendance, and personal issues;
- Wellness Support (NEW): Weekly individual and group counseling sessions, assess students to create wellness plans, connect students and staff to wellness resources.

IYT has a proven record of dramatically increasing academic achievement and college attendance, while fortifying mental and physical health and decreasing likelihood of delinquency among young men of color across Sacramento.

1. 99% of IYT students graduate from high school.
2. 90% of IYT high school graduates attend college vs. only 55.6% of African American and 60.9% of Latinx high school graduates.
3. 100% of IYT high school graduates accepted into a four-year university are still enrolled.
4. 61% of IYT African American males are currently attending a 4-year university as compared to 29% of African American males across America.
5. 62% of IYT Hispanic males are currently attending a 4-year university as compared to 22% of Hispanic males across America.


The mission of Improve Your Tomorrow is to increase the number of young men of color that attend and graduate from colleges and universities.


IYT University and IYT Community College programs currently serve over 200 college students. Our programs assist IYT college students remain in school and also graduate. Students are currently engaged in monthly membership meetings, career tours to local and regional companies, and internship experiences at the California State Capitol during the summer.

Expand our IYT College Academy to reach more students. The College Academy serves young men of color from 7th-12th grade in traditional middle and high schools.

As our students continue to experience the affects of the COVID 19 pandemic, the need for technology is increasing. Our student needs include: laptops, hot spots, headphones, wifi, etc.

IYT is in need of corporate volunteers to assist by being guest speakers. Your story of how you got to where you are is especially helpful for our students to hear as they experience this journey of education.

Sustaining current programs and ensuring their success.

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