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Established in 1981, International House Davis began to serve international students at UC Davis by connecting them with the greater Davis community. In 1984, thanks to the generosity of the Shunta Yamamoto family, the organization was able to purchase its home at 10 College Park. Since then, I-House Davis has broadened its scope of programs and services, building community, international understanding, and cultural connections across the region. Over the years, we’ve become known as a home and gathering place for international scholars, visitors, transplants, immigrants, and anyone interested in learning and engaging with international cultures.  

Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, as we reopened our doors to the public, we focused on easing social isolation by bringing people together and creating a space of belonging for people from diverse backgrounds to feel connected and valued. Our volunteers grew our learning programs to include Persian drumming, French and Peruvian dance, and public speaking. We developed a new culturally responsive English learning program for refugees and newcomers. We launched the I-House World Tour to highlight cultural traditions, beginning with a focus on Native American Cultures in Wintun Homeland.  

We’ve reflected on I-House’s position in our community and reimagined our mission, vision, and offerings through a comprehensive strategic planning process. We know that the world today is not the same as it was in 2020 (or 1981 when we were founded) and rather than defaulting back to our pre-pandemic operating norms, we are taking intentional steps forward to meet the moment and serve the current needs of our community. 

We believe that culture – language, beliefs, art, music, storytelling, food, dance, history, architecture, poetry – is a critical vehicle to facilitate meaningful international and intercultural learning, understanding, and connections. Through a deepened understanding of the complexity of our shared humanity, we create an inclusive, culturally vibrant, collaborative, and compassionate community and world. 

As set forth by our strategic plan, over the next three and a half years (by June 2027), we will establish I-House Davis as a cultural center for the exchange of international arts, culture, and ideas. As a cultural presenting organization, we will continue to center international and marginalized voices, perspectives, and practices to bridge differences for a more connected and inclusive community. We will create space for cultural practitioners – artists, musicians, storytellers, dance makers, scholars, chefs, historians – with an international or intercultural lens to share and engage the I-House community in their work. We know that people come to I-House to share experiences with others, and we will intentionally program those experiences to foster inclusion, cultivate joy and kinship, and facilitate learning.   Staying true to our founding principles, we will welcome international scholars, visitors, immigrants, transplants, and families by connecting them with the local community. We will support volunteers to provide quality language learning and other community-led international arts and humanities programs. 

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International House Davis is an international cultural center that nurtures the exchange of arts, culture, and ideas to build a vibrant, inclusive, and globally connected Davis community.


We're excited to announce the finalization of our strategic plan, perfectly timed for the 40th anniversary of our beloved home at 10 College Park in Davis. Our vision for I-House builds upon our history as a volunteer-run gathering space, evolving into a vibrant international cultural center, a dynamic space to see concerts and art exhibitions, hear engaging speakers and international music, taste global flavors, and feel connected to the global and local community. On Big Day of Giving, we are asking for your support to satisfy the senses at I-House -- feel all the feels, taste the goodness, and hear the music at the local hub of international culture. Our goal this year is to raise $9,000 for Big Day of Giving to make I-House inviting, welcoming and comfortable as we shape a vibrant, diverse and welcoming space that promotes inclusion, belonging and cultural learning.

Our biggest need is general operating funding so that we can maintain our beautiful building, support the cultural practitioners, English learners and our audiences and participants. This year, we are investing in making our space welcoming and functional for our audiences, volunteers and artists to stimulate all of the senses to cultivate joy and connection in our community.

TASTE THE FLAVOR: $25 helps provide coffee, tea and snacks to our artists, cultural practitioners and participants, welcoming everyone to our space with hospitality and kindness.

SMELL THE FLOWERS: $50 helps us maintain our beautiful outdoor spaces for concerts, events and programs.

FEEL ALL THE FEELS: $100 helps us make everyone comfortable, from our heating and cooling system to comfy chairs!

HEAR THE MUSIC: $250 helps us acquire sound equipment and pay technicians so our audiences can hear our illustrious speakers and talented musicians.

SEE OUR ARTISTS: $500 will assist us in purchasing a portable stage, providing our talented artists and cultural practitioners with a platform to showcase their work.

Equity Statement

I-House Statement on Racial Equity:

International House Davis (I-House) is a social gathering space where people from all over the world come together. It is a place dedicated to embracing differences, cultivating joy, combating isolation, and creating a better future grounded in cultural equity. At I-House, our firm stance against racism, oppression, and injustice informs our work for dignity, justice, and belonging. We recognize that the history of slavery, colonialism, and racial inequity in this country disproportionately impacts people of color and affects the ability of all people to thrive. We are committed to addressing historic and systemic racism, striving to be an anti-racist organization, and providing a space to engage in safe and productive civic dialogue. In the face of continued social injustice, we feel it is more important than ever before to celebrate culture, diversity, community, and human connections.

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Equity Statement


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