Hmong Youth and Parents United

Hmong Youth and Parents United (HYPU) is one of the few existing non-profit organizations in Sacramento that is largely volunteer based and committed to serving underserved communities, in particular Hmong students and parents in the Sacramento area.


HYPU's mission is to empower underserved communities by providing and promoting educational, social and economic opportunities and resources to underserved communities, such as the Hmong, in the greater Sacramento region.


Senior Day Program is in need of funds to support the activities and food that is provided each session. These activities help address the senior's mental health, depression, and many of their health needs. We deliver packets with art activities and English worksheets along with food bundles each month to seniors.

We are in need of volunteers to help assist with all the program activities such as the Senior Day Program and the Youth Pop Ups.

Volunteer opportunities consist of presentations on health, exercise coordinators, art instructors, counseling services, and snacks and lunch for the seniors at the Senior Day Program.

Our youth events welcome any volunteers who wants to give back to the community.

We provide a large number of food and supplies giveaway to the community and need volunteers to help set up, handle bundles, and clean up. Along with that, we deliver to youth and seniors family and would like volunteers to help deliver to their homes.

Performing Arts and Culture Program is in need of funds to provide a stipend for instructors and materials for classes. These classes provide the community of Sacramento and any interested individuals an opportunity to learn, appreciate, participate, and practice a variety of Hmong cultural arts and performance.

HYPU needs in-kind donations of office supplies, food, or anything that can be given to the community. We organize clothing and toy drives for the community.

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Hmong Youth and Parents United

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Arts & Culture

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Funding: Program, In-Kind Donations, Volunteers


631 Eleanor Avenue
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