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Elk Grove Food Bank Services (EGFBS) is proud to have served the food insecure residents in our region since 1974. Our mission, "to provide essential resources to overcome the many faces of hunger and human need," has never been more relevant. We have grown from a resource for the hungry to a larger social services organization, offering a variety of services to help meet the needs of our community.

Emergency food distribution services are available at our warehouse location six days a week, Monday through Saturday. In addition, food is distributed at ten off-site locations throughout Elk Grove and the South County area. Distribution at one of our off-site locations is weekly; food is distributed to the remaining mobile sites once a month. In addition to food, EGFBS provides clothing to clients in need through Cathy's Clothes Closet. Donated clothes are collected & distributed free of charge. In 2019, we provided clothing for almost 20,000 individuals, including 245 requests directly from the Elk Grove Unified School District. (Because of social distancing constraints, the Clothes Closet was open only intermittently in 2020.)

The Food Bank's Support Works program provides assistance for newly unemployed, homeless, and low-income individuals to connect with resources they need to sustain their lives and aid them in their efforts to self-sufficiency, including assistance with the application process for CalFresh (food stamps).

Marie Jachino, Executive Director, has provided leadership and management services to the organization since 2004 and supervises a small but highly qualified staff. Ms. Jachino earned her bachelor's degree in Social Work from California State University Sacramento. Prior to joining EGFBS, Ms. Jachino was the External Affairs Director at the California Department of Aging, a case manager at UC Davis Medical Center, and a Professional Geriatric Care Manager.

The success of our distribution program has led many local businesses, including Dignity Health, Walmart, and Wells Fargo, to send groups of employees to volunteer in the warehouse. Many of our local faith-based and community service organizations regularly support the EGFBS through giving of volunteer hours, donation drives, and fundraising efforts.

Of special note is our demonstrated commitment to exemplary financial stewardship. ImpactMatters, a national non-profit organization dedicated to guiding donors to agencies where their money will be best put to use, analyzed the cost effectiveness of over 300 food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens throughout the country. Elk Grove Food Bank Services is ranked #6 in the nation.


The mission statement of Elk Grove Food Bank Services (EGFBS) is to provide essential resources to overcome the many faces of hunger and human need.


Our Capital Campaign is our #1 need right now. We are about $500,000 short for our new facility. Construction costs have increased, and needed furniture, roof repairs, and HVAC replacement costs for the existing office building are all more than anticipated.

Facility Expenses in addition to the property purchase (2 acres) and new warehouse construction (9,934 square feet)

Land improvements and utilities

Building permits

600 square foot walk-in refrigerator and freezer



Contingency costs

Roof repair on the existing office building

HVAC unit replacement in the existing office building

EGFBS is building a special donor wall of recognition. Whether an individual donor, family, organization, or business, you are invited to add your name at one of the following investment levels:

• Diamond $100,000+

• Platinum $50,000 to $99,999

• Gold $25,000 to $49,999

• Silver $10,000 to $24,999

• Bronze $5,000 to $9,999

• Friend $1,000 to $4,999

• Healing Garden $25,000

We are planning a garden that can be a refuge for those who need a moment (or several) of respite. Coming to the Food Bank is stressful for many. Being able to sit in a quiet place and enjoy a bit of nature is therapeutic and will be used by clients and staff.

Interior painting and minor miscellaneous repairs are needed for the interior of the existing 3,900 square foot office building.

Our new facility will require new telephone and computer systems.

Donations of Ensure, nutritional supplements, adult diapers, toiletries for the homeless are always needed and appreciated. In addition, canned proteins like tuna, chicken, chili, stew, and soups are always in short supply.

Organization Data


Organization name

Elk Grove Food Bank Services

other names


Tax id (EIN)


Mission Category

Food, Agriculture & Nutrition

Operating Budget

$500,001-$1 million

Organization Need

Funding: Other, In-Kind Donations, Other, Technology


9820 Dino Drive Suite 140
Elk Grove, CA 95624





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