Clínica Tepati

Clínica Tepati is one of the oldest existing student-run clinics. It was established in 1974, driven by the passion and dedication of a group of UC Davis students and faculty from the medical school. Our founders set out to address serious long-term issues in the healthcare delivery system and to integrate primary care involvement that is usually excluded in the traditional medical curriculum. They established a three-part mission of health service, education, and advocacy geared towards their desire to serve a vulnerable segment of the Latino community as part of the growing Chicano Movement in the 1970s. With the support of community members and the UC Davis Department of Family and Community Medicine, the project gave rise to Clínica Tepati. "Tepati," the Nahuatl word for "healer," was chosen as the symbol for incorporating cultural identity with a genuine desire to serve.


Clínica Tepati operates under a three part mission rooted in providing equitable health services, life-long education, and patient advocacy. Our advocacy stems from the belief that healthcare is an inherent right for all people. We will continue to provide free healthcare services to the under-served communities of Sacramento. Our volunteers will have the unique opportunity to be leaders within the community and gain clinical experiences to prepare them for their future professional endeavors.


Funding to provide specialty and social services (Diabetes Education, Mental Health Support, Legal Aid, etc.) which will address the preventative care needs of our patients and provide preventative care training for our students.

Clínica Tepati needs help with funding to financially aid patients who demonstrate a sufficient financial burden by offering either a 50% co-pay coverage or a full coverage on prescription medications depending on patients' needs. These subsidies will be offered to patients whose medications are not covered by the Patient Assistance Programs (PAP). Data from our pharmacy committee shows a projected total of $9,303.46 dollars annually spent on medications.

Funding to maintain medication reimbursement and to provide free medical supplies ranging from blood pressure cuffs to diabetic supplies. Tepati also needs funds to provide financial support for patients facing food/homelessness insecurity.

Funding to help Clínica Tepati to continue being an advocate for our community by hosting events to promote our services. Another major goal moving forward will be to continue and develop new partnerships that allow our organization to have an active role serving the Sacramento community.

In order for Clínica Tepati to continue delivering quality healthcare services to our patients we need access to medical imaging machines like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT) scan.

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Clínica Tepati

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$50,001 - $100,000

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Funding: Other, Funding: Program, Technology


1820 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95811

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Sacramento, CA, US





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