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Those of us who live and work in the Sacramento Valley are blessed with an abundance of fresh food all year long thanks to the hard work of our local farmers. Our farm to fork capital is home to thousands of farms: family farms, organic farms, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms, farms with strong regenerative agriculture practices, and many more. Yet, our farms are under threat from being turned into strip malls and parking lots. We have witnessed how quickly some of our most fertile lands in this region have been turned into concrete. While infrastructure is necessary to sustain population growth, we must also protect California’s natural resources. If nothing is done, we will reach a tipping point, with too many people and not enough land to grow the food and fiber on which we all depend.

This is where the California Farmland Trust (CFT) comes in. We work with willing farmers throughout California who want to ensure their farms will remain farms, forever. CFT helps farmers place legal protections on their properties. This protection requires the land to remain in agriculture. To date, we have protected 17,718 acres of land and 83 farms across the state.  

To ensure this land is protected, we need your help. Your charitable gift to the California Farmland Trust protects the farms that feed your family. When you make a gift, you are also:

 - Keeping your food local! Your family will enjoy fresh, healthy, safe food grown right here in our region.

 - Protecting the planet! Farmland produces 70 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than urban land and this helps us to reduce our collective carbon footprint. 

- Helping to educate the next generation about the importance of California farmland.

- Leaving your legacy to ensure that your children, grandchildren, and the generations to come will live in a healthy environment with fresh, healthy, and safe food, produced by family farmers on local farms.

Consider a gift today to California Farmland Trust and leave YOUR legacy! 



The mission of California Farmland Trust is to help farmers to protect the best farmland in the world. Your gift protects family farms, preserves farmland, and promotes agricultural education. We envision a future where our communities value sustainable farming as the best use of farmland, and we all protect the farms that support our economy, environment, and quality of life.


Financial Resources

Funding supports our ongoing efforts to protect the farms that feed our families and allows us to fulfill the mission of the California Farmland Trust with outreach, education, and operational stewardship. In addition, funds raised will allow us to continue offering our Orange You Glad We Have Farmland youth education program, a partnership with Raley's Family of Fine Stores. In 2024, resources will be used to build out our newest curriculum focused on teaching kids about the role of soil health and viability in sustainable farming practices.

Board Governance

Enhancing board governance by recruiting knowledgeable and passionate board members. The CFT Board of Directors serve as ambassadors of our mission and the work we do. Together, we strive to ensure our work is sustainable and fiscally responsible.

Volunteer Recruitment

Increasing our capable volunteer base for protection and stewardship of our conservation easements. Did you know our volunteers assist as project monitors on many of our easements? Their professional and technical expertise ensure the terms our easements stay true to their intent.

Equity Statement

Generational Responsibility

We pledge to work in partnership with landowners and conservation partners to protect the best farmland in the world. We value the agricultural heritage legacy and aspire to assist the next generation through the protection of this valuable resource.


We value, appreciate, and recognize the contributions of all people and organizations working to preserve agricultural land. We commit to treating all people, partners, volunteers, donors, staff, and board members fairly while understanding and removing barriers to enable a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of farmland conservationists. In addition, we respect the diverse approaches and perspectives they bring to the conservation movement.


We are committed to enhance the reputation of farmland conservation in California. CFT promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness, and integrity. We will be good stewards of the resources we receive, uphold rigorous standards of conduct, be responsive to the concerns of our partners, donors and volunteers, and work to earn their trust each and every day.

Organizational Excellence

We pledge to conduct organizational and land protection activities under the highest professional standards and in accordance with the Land Trust Standards and Practices. Furthermore, we pledge to serve the public interest, respect all laws, demonstrate integrity, and meet our responsibility to ensure the long-term conservation of the lands upon which we hold easements.

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Equity Statement


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