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At Blue Line Arts, we're more than just a regional cultural hub; we're a community dedicated to cultivating meaningful connections through the arts. Through our exhibitions, educational programs, and public initiatives, we aim to ignite the creative spark in every individual, regardless of background or circumstance.

We believe that art has the power to transform lives, and it's our mission to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience its magic. That's why we're committed to championing policies and practices of cultural equity, striving for a more just, inclusive, and equitable society through the arts.

Your support means the world to us. With your help, we can continue to foster a space where creativity thrives, where dreams take flight, and where everyone has the chance to lead a full and enriched creative life. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we can make a difference through the power of art.

To support a full creative life for all, Blue Line Arts commits to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive and equitable nation.

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Blue Line Arts is a regional cultural hub committed to fostering impactful arts experiences. Through exhibitions, educational programming, and public arts initiatives, we support a full creative life for all.

Blue Line Arts stands as a vital regional cultural center dedicated to enriching lives through the power of art. By hosting exhibitions and fostering a vibrant creative community, Blue Line Arts ensures that everyone has access to inspirational art experiences. We believe in the transformative power of arts education, and we are committed to raising awareness about its value. Our mission includes advocating for equitable access to arts education, making it more affordable, and providing scholarship opportunities to those in need. Art plays a crucial role in promoting well-being and reducing stress in today's fast-paced world. By offering a welcoming and supportive space, Blue Line Arts fosters creativity and provides a sense of wonder and inspiration to all who walk through our doors.

Your donation allows us to continue our important work in promoting the arts and nurturing a full creative life for everyone in our community.


By making a donation to Blue Line Arts on the Big Day of Giving, you directly contribute to our ongoing efforts to provide high-quality, accessible programming for all members of our community. For over 58 years, Blue Line Arts has been a beacon of creativity, offering a diverse range of free and low-cost experiences to inspire and enrich lives.

Your support enables us to continue our mission of serving vulnerable populations, including students, teachers, and underserved communities throughout our region. Through special programs, outreach efforts, and targeted initiatives, we strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to engage with the transformative power of art.

No donation is too small, and every contribution plays a vital role in sustaining Blue Line Arts and our commitment to fostering creativity, inclusion, and cultural enrichment. Your generosity is deeply valued and essential to the success of our endeavors. Thank you for being a part of our mission to make the arts accessible to all.

Equity Statement

To support a full creative life for all, Blue Line Arts commits to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive and equitable nation.

Cultural equity embodies the values, policies, and practices that ensure that all people—including but not limited to those who have been historically underrepresented based on race/ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, or religion—are represented in the development of arts policy; the support of artists; the nurturing of accessible, thriving venues for expression; and the fair distribution of programmatic, financial, and informational resources.

To provide informed, authentic leadership for cultural equity, we strive to…

Pursue cultural consciousness throughout our organization through substantive learning and formal, transparent policies.

Acknowledge and dismantle any inequities within our policies, systems, programs, and services, and report organization progress.

Commit time and resources to cultivate more diverse perspectives within the organization.

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Blue Line Arts

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Blue Line Gallery, Roseville Arts!

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Arts, Culture & Humanities

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Funding: Unrestricted, Funding: Program, In-Kind Donations, Volunteers, Board Members, Technology

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Youth & Children, Low-income individuals/families, General population

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Placer, Sacramento

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Equity Statement


405 Vernon St. #100
Roseville, CA 95678

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Sacramento County, CA, US

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