American River Parkway Foundation

Reviewed in 2022 by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

The American River Parkway Foundation is a convener focused on conservation of the American River Parkway and development of the Parkway into one of the nation’s premier urban natural parks. This includes connecting visitors, volunteers, donors, local businesses and the community to nurture, improve and provide a voice for this natural resource.

At 4,800 acres, the Parkway is the largest urban park in the nation, six-times larger than Central Park in New York City and four-times larger than Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The Foundation helps conserve the Parkway through clean-ups, removing invasive plants, developing infrastructure like picnic tables and kiosks, and maintaining 30 miles of unpaved hiking and equestrian trails.

Highlights in 2021 for the Foundation include:

  • More than 138,400 pounds of trash removed and 4.1 miles of the Parkway cleared.
  • More 26,600 invasive plants removed.
  • Construction of 8 picnic tables and the repainting of 50 others.
  • Thousands of volunteers contributing over 9,100 volunteer hours.
  • Launch of Peril on the Parkway, our mini documentary discussing the challenges presented by illegal camping faced by the Parkway.


The American River Parkway Foundation (APRF) leads and inspires the community to conserve and nurture the American River Parkway as a unique, accessible resource for everyone to enjoy.


Donations will be used to support our ongoing programs. This includes:

• Clean-Ups: The American River Parkway Foundation (ARPF) hosts two large-scale clean-ups each year and smaller site-specific clean-ups every month to remove refuse from the Parkway.

• Invasive Plant Management Program: ARPF removes invasive plants to help protect wildlife and native plants as well as reduce fire danger.

• Habitat Restoration: ARPF restores burned areas of the Parkway as well as replaces invasive plants with native grasses and shrubs.

• Trail Maintenance: ARPF maintains 30 miles of equestrian and hiking trails by trimming trees, cutting back overgrowth and removing other obstacles.

• Pups in the Park: ARPF provides dog waste bags at 16 locations throughout the Parkway to limit the impact our canine companions have on the Parkway.

• Lead Efforts to Find Solutions to Issues the Parkway is Facing: ARPF created the Parkway Fire Safe Council to coordinate efforts to mitigate fires on the Parkway and the Voice of the Parkway Coalition to support solutions that lead to the conservation of the Parkway.

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