American Leadership Forum Mountain Valley Chapter

In an effort to reweave what John Gardner calls the "unraveling social fabric," Joseph Jaworski founded ALF in Houston in 1980. ALF is a national organization with active chapters in Houston, Hartford, the State of Oregon, Silicon Valley, Mountain Valley (Sacramento), Tacoma, Charlotte NC, Myrtle Beach NC, Michigan, and California's Northern San Joaquin Valley. The Mountain Valley Chapter, serving Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, and Northern Solano counties, was founded in 1997 by four Senior Fellows who had moved to Sacramento from other chapters and wanted to start a program here.

ALF-MVC annually invites a class of 25-30 established leaders from diverse backgrounds - professional, ethnic and cultural, political, and geographic - to participate in a yearlong Fellows program. The yearlong Fellows Program is a rigorous engaging process of action and reflection with dialogues most relevant to the current leadership challenges resulting in civic engagement by action teams of passionate concerned leaders. Individual leadership is also transformed through rigorous reflection on strengths and challenges, intentions, and outcomes. Fellows are invited and expected to bring their wealth of experience, thinking, and their hearts to this dynamic adventure. Each class is carefully balanced for diversity of all kinds. The goal is to represent as much as possible the diversity of the region. Each class engages in the practice of collaborative leadership skills they have been exploring throughout the program by serving the community in some fashion.

For example, Class I held a Forum on Race and Diversity, created a video and discussion guide to stimulate dialogue on the diversity issues. More recently, Class XI initiated a public awareness campaign to strengthen the quality of civil discourse calling on candidates to lead issue-based campaigns and to not engage in the politics of personal destruction. After graduation, each class joins the ranks of Senior Fellows gathering regularly for issue forums, social events, and community service. Senior Fellows carry out the mission of working collaboratively for the public good. The cost per Fellow is $13,500. Most Fellows are supported, at least in part, by the corporation or organization for which they work. Scholarship funds are raised to support the need for geographic, professional, and/or cultural diversity in the class.


Our vision is to improve the social, economic, and political fabric of the Greater Sacramento region through shared commitment to collaborative action.

Our Mission:

To UNITE boundary-crossing leaders from a diversity of sectors throughout the Greater Sacramento region

To STRENGTHEN their leadership capacity through deepening relationships and transformative experiences

To SERVE the community by working collaboratively to make significant positive contributions


Implicit Bias Initiative: Through ALF's curriculum and training program, participants engage in discourse on the very serious issues of bias, prejudice, privilege, and poverty in our communities, and learn techniques to address bias within institutional structures.

Scholarships for the First-Year Fellows Program: Participants in this program are diverse across professional, geographic, and ethnic communities. Funds raised support the inclusion of nonprofit and grassroots leaders.

Encore Fellows Program Support: Encore places senior-level leaders and managers from some of our region's top corporations into nonprofits to build their capacity through shared knowledge of best business practices.

Senior Fellows Program: Engagement opportunities for our Senior Fellows allow members to meet across classes and to build trust and understanding between individuals who otherwise would not become acquainted. The resulting ever-expanding network is a vital resource for the broader community.

All Access Receptions: ALF brings our members and community together to introduce new leaders across various industries.

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American Leadership Forum Mountain Valley Chapter

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Community Improvement

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$500,001-$1 million

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Funding: Other, Funding: Program


601 University Ave. Suite 127
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