Yolo Food Bank

Reviewed in 2022 by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

For 50 years, Yolo Food Bank has elevated the common good for the people and communities of Yolo County by reducing poverty and elevating food security. Founded as a volunteer-run backyard gleaning program, Yolo Food Bank now is a Feeding America partner serving the nutrition needs of more than 45,000 Yolo County residents each month.

Yolo Food Bank coordinates the recovery, collection, and storage of more than six million pounds of food annually from a network of grocers and retailers, farmers, processors, and distributors.  Through collaborations with the private sector, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations throughout Yolo County, this food is provided to those who struggle in the community via 130 distributions each month and more than 80 local food pantries, senior meal delivery programs, homeless and domestic violence shelters, migrant centers, college campuses, mental health and recovery facilities an more.

Despite being known for an abundant agricultural economy, food security is an everyday concern for many Yolo County residents, with nearly half of the population earning less than what they need to meet their basic needs each month.  Working families and their children represent the majority of those served, and senior citizens and rural residents are impacted disproportionately. By nourishing our most vulnerable neighbors, Yolo Food Bank plays a vital role in advancing the quality of life for all who live and do business in Yolo County.


The mission of Yolo Food Bank (YFB) is to end hunger and malnutrition in Yolo County.


Today's goal to raise at least $100,000 will "Nurture Yolo," by advancing the development of an equitable, sustainable local food system for the health and wellness of ALL Yolo County residents, while maintaining food assistance levels countywide at an all-time high of as many as one million pounds of food per month, for more than 60,000 residents each month.

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Organization name

Yolo Food Bank

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Food, Agriculture & Nutrition

Operating Budget

$10,000,0001-$100 million

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Funding: Unrestricted

Demographics Served

BIPOC, Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx, Immigrants & refugees, Individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ+, Low-income individuals/families, Seniors


233 Harter Ave
Woodland, CA 95776

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Woodland, CA, US

Davis, CA, US

West Sacramento, CA, US

Winters, CA, US, 95694

Yolo, CA, US





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