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Wilton California is a small country town nestled between Elk Grove, Herald, and Galt.  The community was and is over inundated with animals and trash being dumped on the back country roads.  Wilton is often used as a thoroughfare for highway 99 and so many animals were being severely injured or killed by the fast-moving traffic.  Two of our own pets were killed out in front of our property shortly after we moved from Galt to Wilton.  We thought, what would happen if each of us picked up one of these dogs running loose and held them until the owner could be found or until we could get them safely into the shelter.  We did this with the community's help, until one day we built a few kennels and that is when things really started to change.  What went to saving one dog, would lead to hundreds of animals from: Peacocks, guinea pigs, rabbits, turtle, cats and dogs being saved every year.  After a lot of thought, we decided we would focus on large dogs since that is the greater need according to the area shelters. 

In a few years, we decided to become a non-profit rescue 501(c)3 so people could write off their donations.  We have had one dog chipping event thus far due to the weather changing; however, we plan on having more.  We have worked with Elk Grove's Elks Lodge to put on a tri-tip dinner to raise more funds to help more animals.  We are no longer staying local, which for us means traveling to up to 60 miles to help animals in need.  What is different about our organization, is that we try and give some training all of the animals before they leave the rescue.  We have had a few owners who preferred to train their adoptee, which has turned out amazing.  We plan on having more educational events so that people can understand how important it is to chip a pet and that a pet wearing a seat belt in the car can be a life saver. We can't tell you how many animals are left walking the freeway or running off after an accident. 

If you are looking for an organization to help - we hope you choose to support all that we do. 

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The mission of Wilton Animal Rescue (WAR) is to save the dogs that are left abandoned in shelters or on the streets. We help dogs that were surrendered or discarded by their owners that need a second chance to feel the loving touch of an owner that has unconditional love for them. Many dogs often struggle because of an abused or neglected household. WAR is committed to providing them medical care, helping them to overcome their fear of humans or the human touch and allowing them to grow in a world of love and reassurance. WAR is committed to trapping and securing any abandoned animal needing assistance. WAR is also committed to finding them a loving foster or a permanent home that will provide them with the unconditional love that they deserve. WAR is also committed to work closely with other rescues to secure homes for these dogs.

Vision Statement:

Wilton Animal Rescue (WAR) will partner with overcrowded shelters that need to make room for more abandoned dogs. We will educate communities about responsible dog ownership in regard to safety, spay/neuter, obedience, chipping and keeping telephone information up to date. Wilton Animal Rescue will be available to check for chips locally to allow lost dogs to be reunited to owners rather than sitting in an animal shelter frightened and away from the dog’s owners. We will work with the shelters with the common goal of finding the best home possible for any dog in our care by interviewing, going on site to see the possible home that they will occupy with the adopter or fostering. Examine how the dog responds to the possible foster or owner before allowing the dog to leave WAR. WAR is also committed to work closely with other rescues to secure homes for all dogs.


Accounting services and accounting for 501(c)3.

Legal professional who can handle all the necessary paperwork to keep us up to date with the governmental paperwork.

Low-cost veterinary services ranging from emergency treatment to low cost spay and neuter. Discount dental for rescues.

A public relations person who can co-ordinate events for the rescue.

Transport van to deliver dogs or equipment need to rescue animals in need.

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