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Reviewed in 2022 by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

World of Powerful Youth (WOPY) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that benefits children of all ages by improving their socials skills and their academic performance. At World of Powerful Youth we provide a comprehensive program of arts, sports, literacy and numeric-boosting activities that enrich the lives of school children in a fun, safe, and friendly environment. Our academic courses build confidence in reading, and we focus on subjects where your children may be having difficulty. This in turn improves the quality of their homework. Our programs help your children develop new skills and interests in performing arts like music and drama, and boosting their self-confidence. Our sports programs introduce children to fun ways to keep active, and our painting, cookery and photography classes let them explore their creative side. We encourage your children and help them become well-rounded individuals. We're positive that you and your children will love our high-energy blend of education and recreation. The WOPY program forms partnerships with local school districts and low-income housing communities. We have made a commitment to help promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and a sense of hope for the future. Currently, we provide three programs to foster, create and inspire Future Leaders:

1. Self Esteem Building through Art
- Turn to the Arts to help boost your child's self-esteem! Self-esteem increases when a child feels confident. Studies show skills learned from studying the arts promotes concentration and dedication skills. This adds value to the classroom experience, improves test scores, and promotes self expression. The WOPY Art Program introduces your child to new people and new experiences. It encourages your child to engage in social and creative activities while feeling a part of a larger community. Your child will learn about trust and develop interpersonal skills and friendship. Kidpreneur Program and Children's Business Fair.

2. Education Awareness
- Every child deserves a bright future. Just one accomplishment can make a difference. Young people need the support of adults to make the most of their childhood and adolescence so they can grow to be healthy and successful adults. Allowing youth to have fun in a safe and supportive environment is one-way adults can make a DIFFERENCE. Peer Mentoring, TED Ed Program, Tutoring.

3. Health, Sports, and Food Literacy
- This WOPY Program helps our youth and their families understand the story of one's food, from farm to table and back to the soil. With the Jr. Master Gardener Program, they will gain knowledge and the ability to make informed choices about food. They will have knowledge of how to support one's health, community, and the environment.

- Integrity is top priority, and the World of Powerful Youth reputation for integrity speaks for itself.
- Stewardship encourages an attitude of gratitude and teaching kids about the importance and the joy of giving so that when they become adults, they understand the importance of hard work.
- Philanthropy teaches children the power of giving back and leadership, who better to train than our future leaders.
- Diversity is a part of all cultures. Not only do children become exposed to variety with WOPY, they will also attain real life experiences for the real world in the future.
- Youth Development starts from the time our children are born. Statistics have shown that early childhood development expands a child's creativity. More so, developed leaders armed with dignity.
- Self Advocacy builds confidence which can be a high hurdle to jump for some children. With the support of their families, WPY, and our partners; we impel all children to become capable at striving to the best of the ability.
- Empowerment creates and teaches children to become delegated leaders. Children empower us adults just as much as we do them, why not give them something to follow.
- Leadership is a privilege earned amongst the best of the best. We want to instill in the kids to give everything their all at their fullest potential and change the world.


The Mission of WOPY strives for Excellence. Our commitment lies in the Empowerment of young people. We strive to eliminate self-doubt and low self-esteem, thus creating brighter futures for our Future Leaders.


We are in need of a bigger permanent home to continue providing for our community and youth. A space that is 2,000 sq ft or more would be ideal to for the many programs we have and to serve more youth.

We need funding to keep providing our programs for our future leaders and keeping classes free/low.

We are in need of Board members to help set out the mission we have and continue helping our future leaders so we can make a bigger impact.

We are in need of volunteers to continue to be a big help with our community it takes a village so let's all come together.

We are in need of in kind donations such as office supplies, office furniture, and lots of new books, school supplies, and backpacks for the youth so they can be prepared for school and have the essentials they need.

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World of Powerful Youth

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Youth Development

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