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$10,000 Goal

December 2016 began a journey into the cancer community that Colette and The' (Tay) Hoang, founders of W.A.Y.S. We Are Your Support Inc. had never imagined. At the age of 41, Colette was diagnosed with cancer. With 5 children and an often frenzied home, life came to a halt. The cancer journey began, and as Colette and The' were critical care nurses, they thought they knew what to expect. Yet, this journey was nothing they had ever imagined. With an amazing support system, they still stumbled and fumbled their way through and in the end thought wow...there has to be a better way.

Mentally and physically the cancer journey is life altering. Throughout this journey Colette and The' knew they had to make it their mission to give back to the cancer community and their caretakers. They began to assess the ups and downs. The physical and mental struggles and the need for something more.

A year after treatment, having experienced the world of cancer, from treatment, to surgeries, and all they entail, Colette and The' had shaped their dream into what W.A.Y.S. is today. Providing a range of free services to our local cancer community, through Therapy, Meals, Transportation, Client Events, and Individualized Donations based on client need.

The W.A.Y.S. vision is to provide a safe and inviting place for the cancer community to come to for support, resources, and services. We will lessen some of the burden of what the cancer journey thrusts upon you!

Giving Activity


To create wellbeing by giving a supportive hand throughout your cancer journey and beyond.


W.A.Y.S. five programs provided free to the clients, paid for by W.A.Y.S. from YOUR donations.

Sessions with a licensed therapist:

- One (1) client with a minimum of 5 sessions costs $425

- One (1) client using 6-10 sessions costs $520-$900

- One (1) client using 11+ sessions costs $1005 and up $105 per session from there on

Treatment and medical appointment transportation via Heart Of Gold Medical Transport:

- One (1) client with an average of one (1) trip a week for six (6) months for chemotherapy and an average of thirty (30) daily radiotherapy would approximately cost $12,960

WAYS current monthly budget allows $5000/month totaling $60,000 a year

Meal train management, Meal delivery & Grocery delivery:

- Meals, One (1) client with an average of one (1) meal a week for six (6) months from W.A.Y.S. approximately costs $1,800

-- OR --


- One (1) client with one grocery delivery a month for six (6) month, approx $1,800

WAYS current budget allows $500/month for meals and groceries. Totaling $6,000/year

Quarterly client wellness events:

- W.A.Y.S. provides clients with four (4) free events throughout each year. On average these events cost between $1,500- $2,000 each; $6,000- $8,000 a year.

Individualized client donations:

- Individualized donations vary from headwear, wigs, clothing, assisting with medical supply needs and monetary cost $Priceless.

To sponsor one (1) client to receive each service at the minimum would approximately cost $15,185

The overhead and day to day costs of running W.A.Y.S. is priceless. As W.A.Y.S. has no paid staff, we work very hard to keep our overhead costs low to focus our donations on the free services. Yet there will always be costs such as state fees, insurance, utilities, web services, printing costs, postage, hosting fundraising events, W.A.Y.S. merchandise, trifolds and office supplies has averaged $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year.

Any donations to this need would help us focus all other donations solely on our client services.

One of our most fluid services is our "Individualized Donations". These donations have been anything from wigs, headwear, medical supply needs, help with co-payments, clothing needs, monetary needs, and so much more. This area is where we would encourage you to see the limitless things we could do for our cancer community with these donations! The sky's the limit!


W.A.Y.S. has been run within the COVID guidelines from home. Our goal is to move into a more central location to our clients, once guidelines have eased and our funding is adequate.

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W.A.Y.S. We Are Your Support Inc.

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Human Services

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$50,001 - $100,000

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Funding: Program, Funding: Other, Funding: Unrestricted, Space: Office or Other

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General population

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Both the Executive Director & Board Chair

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El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Yolo


1314 Earlham Ln
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Sacramento, CA, US

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