The Upper Room Dining Hall has been committed to providing hot, nutritious meals and essential services to individuals in need, regardless of race, age, religion, gender or social demographic status.  While numerous food banks operate throughout the Sacramento region, we stand out as the sole provider of hot meals in our county outside of South Lake Tahoe.  Additionally, we are the only organization in El Dorado County and Sacramento Region offering hot meals every day of the year, ensuring consistent support for our community members. 

 In addition to meals, our guests have access to a range of supportive programs and services, including skilled nurse wound care, recovery programs, navigation assistance, showers, laundry facilities, clothing resources, transportation aid, legal assistance, survival supplies and personal hygiene items.  By offering a comprehensive array of services, we strive to address the diverse needs of our guests and provide them with the support and resources necessary to improve their well-being and quality of life.  We remain dedicated to serving our community with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Giving Activity


Motivated by love and grace, our mission is to provide meals and services to members of our community living under the strain of poverty, treating all guests with dignity and compassion.


The Upper Room relies solely on generous donations for individuals, businesses, and organizations to provide our many services to those in need.

Daily Hot Meals: For many individuals, our daily hot meals are a lifeline, providing nourishment and a sense of comfort. Your donations ensure that we can sustain this fundamental service and meet the nutritional needs of those who rely on us.

Laundry Services: Clean clothing is a basic necessity that often becomes a luxury for individuals experiencing homelessness. Your support allows us to operate our laundry facilities, ensuring that our guests have access to clean clothes and maintain their dignity.

Showers and Personal Hygiene: Access to showers and personal hygiene items is crucial for maintaining health and well-being. Your donations enable us to provide clean and safe shower facilities, along with essential hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and sanitary supplies.

Navigation Services: Navigating the complex web of social services and resources can be overwhelming for our guests. Your support is helping individuals connect with housing assistance, job opportunities, healthcare providers, and other essential resources.

Tents and Sleeping Bags: In the absence of stable housing, tents and sleeping bags provide crucial protection from the elements and a sense of security. Your contributions allow us to provide these essential items to individuals who are living on the streets or in temporary shelters.

Equity Statement

At The Upper Room, we are committed to fostering an environment where equity, diversity, and inclusion are integral to our mission and values. We believe that all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect, and that everyone deserves equal access to opportunities, resources, and support while ensuring that all individuals feel valued, respected, and included in every aspect of our organization.

Promoting fairness and justice by ensuring equitable access to our programs, services, and opportunities.

We hold ourselves accountable, we seek to listen, learn, and adapt to better serve the diverse needs of those we support.

Through our commitment to equity, we aim to create a stronger, more vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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Human Services

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Funding: Unrestricted, In-Kind Donations, Board Members

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Homeless/Underhoused/Unhoused, Low-income individuals/families, General population

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El Dorado


PO BOX 484

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El Dorado County, CA, US