Teach Another Language to Kids

TALK started in 1992, when a group of Davis parents decided to collectively pool their efforts and resources together to offer language classes to their kids. Recognizing that elementary schools do not provide foreign language instruction, during a period when children can more easily absorb language, they joined together to form a non-profit dedicated to offering this opportunity.

There's no time like early childhood to absorb a second language. TALK uses a play-based, full-immersion environment that takes advantage of children's natural ability to absorb language. Classes take place daily before school, when children's minds are fresh and ready to learn. As they participate in crafts, games, role playing, and music in their target language, they develop vocabulary, language structure, and unwittingly begin to speak another language. It's like a daily immersion trip to another country!

Over the years, TALK has evolved in step with parent demand and participation.

TALK currently offers beginner and intermediate American Sign Language, French and Spanish classes to K-6 children at Birch Lane, Korematsu, North Davis, Patwin, Pioneer, and Saint James schools.

While we partner with the Davis Arts Center, TALK is a registered independent non-profit organization entirely run by a Board of Directors made up of parent volunteers with children enrolled in TALK. 100% of fees are used to cover teacher salaries, registration expenses, facility rentals, liability coverage, and classroom materials. We raise funds yearly to help pay for scholarships and new classroom tools.


Our mission at T.A.L.K. (Teach Another Language to Kids) is to provide an enriching and fun play-based environment to learn a second language for elementary children in Davis, California.

We believe we are helping US youth to become more competitive in the workforce with a greater understanding of other cultures.


Funding to help cover teacher salaries, registration expenses, facility rentals, liability coverage, and classroom materials so we can reduce regular student fees to encourage higher participation in our second language program and expand our program with other languages or ability levels.

Each year we offer scholarships so we can give a child an opportunity to learn another language when their families may not be able to afford it. With your help we would be able to reach out to more families in the community.

We are in need of funding to be able to pay for an Administrator for day to day tasks such as employee contracts, student registration, facility rentals, insurances and budgeting. In doing this, the Board of Directors can focus on curriculum, hiring of teachers, marketing, and financial management.

Funding for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters at teacher meetings, interviews, and end of year student presentations to increase community outreach and inclusion.

To be able to increase our Advertising budget.

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