Teaching Everyone Animals Matter

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TEAM is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed to help improve the health, well-being, and adoption prospects of shelter animals at Sacramento County's Bradshaw Animal Shelter. TEAM has been "Teaching Everyone Animals Matter" for 25 years. From the beginning, TEAM has supported the Bradshaw Shelter by funding special veterinary care for shelter animals and by supporting the volunteers and staff who work tirelessly for the animals. TEAM has also made public education about animal issues a top priority, urging the public to "Always spay, always neuter, always ID, always adopt a shelter pet." This message remains at the heart of TEAM's work.

TEAM organizes and participates in fundraising, public awareness activities, and service projects designed to generate support for shelter animals and related programs.

These include:
- A Special Medical Needs Program to fund specialized veterinary care and treatment for injured, sick, and neglected animals

-Purchasing medical equipment and supplies for the shelter's on-site surgery facility 

- Spay and neuter clinics

- Sponsoring adoption fees at the Bradshaw Shelter

- Financial assistance to other animal welfare organizations

In 2022 and beyond, TEAM intends to grow its reach into the community by providing community-based spay and neuter clinics serving low-income residents; sponsoring training sessions for new adopters and fosters; communicating education focused on the importance of spay and neuter, responsible pet ownership, and providing resources and group discussions to our fur parent community.


Each year, thousands of animals end up at the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Most are discarded by their owners or lost, and many are impounded by shelter staff because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. A significant number arrive at the shelter unaltered, sick or injured, and funding for veterinary care and supplies is limited. That's why there's TEAM.


Our general funds are used to fund many TEAM activities, including animal care, community outreach, and education. TEAM purchases imperative medical equipment and supplies for the shelter veterinary staff, new beds for shelter animals, funding for contract veterinary professionals to assist shelter staff, and engages in community outreach activities that promote adoption and animal care.

Our Special Medical Needs Program funds critical medical treatment for animals. In 2021, TEAM spent $80,794 on specialist consultations, tests, and treatments that have made a huge difference in the lives of animals. With this program, animals that otherwise may have been euthanized are able to receive necessary medical care with the ultimate goal of the animal being able to be adopted.

Our Spay and Neuter Program helps provide low-cost spay and neuter services to the community. Spaying and neutering animals helps reduce shelter overcrowding and euthanasia. In 2021, TEAM spent $18,607 on spay and neuter surgeries.

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