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The first Sacramento Stand Down (SD) was held at Boy Scout Camp Pollock with 325 homeless veterans in attendance. Outreach was conducted along the river (where many of the homeless veterans lived then and still live today) - even using a boat to find some of the participants. The entire effort, food service, security, clothing distribution, etc. was accomplished by local veterans' groups. The cost of the stand down was approximately $25,000, all donated funds. (This was the first few years (1992 - 1995). Present day costs have changed!)

A group of veterans established an SD Task Force board made up of more than 30 community leaders to plan an event where homeless veterans could avail themselves of services in a friendly and safe environment. Perhaps the most important outcome of this first, very successful, stand down was to change the mindset of local public officials regarding the plight of homeless veterans in our community. It proved that there were homeless veterans walking (and sleeping on) the streets of Sacramento and validated the need for an event like SD that enabled veterans to come to a trusted place to get basic services. One of the founding members of SSDA (who continues as a board member today) was appointed to be on the newly created Sacramento Homeless Commission as the voice of the veterans.

Most of the services provided at the current event were provided in 1992 however, two noteworthy improvements have been the addition of Sacramento Courts for veterans to resolve their legal issues and efforts to move veterans into house by partnering with community agencies that are able to place them immediately into housing. In 1994, the Sacramento Stand Down was recognized as one of the top five stand down events in the country. This will be our 29th year of service to homeless veterans, sadly, a bittersweet achievement because we still have homeless veterans living on our streets and this means that we will continue to be their advocate until every veteran finds their way home.


The Sacramento Stand Down Association is a nonprofit service provider for homeless and at-risk Veterans. All Board Members and Special Advisors are 100% Volunteers. No salaries paid. All funds support the Veterans. Our organization has served the Sacramento community for over 30 years by bringing together State & Federal agencies as well as fellow nonprofit service providers, who work together to create a comprehensive support network that encourages and assists our homeless and at-risk Veterans in addressing the multiple problems they face by offering food, clothing, housing, medical and social assistance.


Funds are required for both program and administrative expenses. We need $100K annually for operating and event expenses; this amount allows us to operate without federal and state grants, VA direct support payments, in-kind donations and private donations.

We are always seeking active and passionate Board Members who want to help put an end to Veteran Homelessness.

- Warehouse management. Organize supplies and equipment in the warehouse. Enlist volunteers to assist in readying supplies and equipment for events.

- Marketing & Public relations. Provide information regarding the organization and events to local news agencies, social media and grass roots canvasing. Also, meet with potential donors to garner corporate and governmental support.

Many of our Board Members have civilian jobs and families. They do most of their work for the Stand Down from home. We do operate an office and warehouse (Non-Staffed) at McClellan Park. Additionally, a website for our organization. This year, funds will help upgrade our Website, as we need to improve standardization and use of technology for managing the numerous Outreach Programs for the Veteran homeless Community.

- We need volunteers to staff our office, answer phones, maintain files, etc.

- Throughout the year approximately 10-15 volunteers per month are needed to maintain the inventory of supplies and equipment at our warehouse.

- For the annual three-day event (Sep), 50 - 75 volunteers are needed per day. Veteran's have access to various Service Organizations, Medical. Dental, Stand Down Court (supported by Sac. County Court), Housing & Employment Services. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are served.

- Veterans include Homeless community, At-Risk Near Homeless, VA Rated Disability, Retired Members, Cal. National Guard & Reserve. Additionally, all those who proudly served in the Armed Forces of the United States

-Our One-Day Mini "Spring Event" event (Apr) at McClellan Park Warehouse needs 20 - 30 volunteers. Smaller number of similar services as in Sept are provided.

-Our outreach activity for the summer (Jul) may provide supplies like summer clothing, water, snack bags and more. Will needs funds for supplies.

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