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$20,000 Goal

The Sacramento Institute for Music & the Arts has been providing string education to the community since 2013 and is continually striving to provide connection to and through the arts. Another goal is to strengthen the ties between Sacramento’s classical music organizations and the community at large. 

In the pre-covid era, the SacIMA was able to reach more than 100 students annually with personalized, weekly instruction in local elementary schools, and had a thriving musical instrument library for students without instruments.  The organization is now in the process of restructuring and rebuilding so that we will are able to provide the same high quality and accessible programs to the students and families who have the least access to classical music. Currently we are offering partial scholarships to both our group and private classes, and with the community’s support we will be able to once again provide on-site classes in under-served communities.

The instruments in our library are collected and awaiting repair so they may find new homes with students in need. Through our partnerships with professional music instructors and schools we are able to identify students who would benefit from an instrument scholarship and provide them with an instrument. 


To change lives and connect the community through maintaining and expanding high quality, accessible music, arts, and education programming.


The Music Live String Program, now taking place in the Geery Theater in midtown Sacramento, is rebuilding our violin program. In order to make our classes accessible to all children who would like to learn, we need to offer both partial and full tuition scholarships. A donation of $500 provides a child with an entire school year of tuition.

Experience tells us that our beginning classes need to be open to a large number of students. To do that successfully, each class needs a qualified teaching assistant which costs us $4000 per academic year.

The Venturi Instrument Library is a volunteer-run program that provides instrument scholarships to children, so they have an instrument to take home and use while being a student with SIMA. A gift of $75 will provide a case for a violin, and $50 will provide new strings for the violin or a new bow. These items are needed annually to keep instruments in working order.

We currently have many instruments that need repair before going back out to students.

Children's Community Concert Series is a collaborative program which networks with local music teachers and school programs to provide an opportunity to showcase student progress. Funding is needed for hiring of accompanists, renting the recital venue, and staffing for program management. Donations big and small help us keep this program running and give students across the community a place to hone their performance skills and connect with their peers.

We are most grateful to you for your support. Thank you.

Equity Statement

We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages and ensure that all voices are valued and heard. We're committed to modeling diversity and inclusion for the entire arts industry of the nonprofit sector, and to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.

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Sacramento Institute for Music and the Arts

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Arts, Culture & Humanities

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$50,001 - $100,000

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Youth & Children, Low-income individuals/families, General population

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Equity Statement


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