Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

SABA was founded in 1991 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2002. Currently, the organization is staffed by an executive director, three part-time senior staff who provide support services and act as program managers. We also employ several part-time employees who staff our bike valet and bike mechanic events. We serve communities across the six-county region of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, with deep roots in Rancho Cordova. We have expanded services in South Sacramento and other neighborhoods outside of the Sacramento Grid.

We carry out our mission in three ways:
- We participate as an engagedstakeholder and advocate for people traveling by bike in public works projects and private development to ensure that residents can comfortably choose bicycling as a convenient means of travel. This work involves testifying before legislative and regulatory bodies as needed, and partnering with public agencies and private interests on projects that improve bicycle access and safety.
- We educate and support riders of all ages and socio-economic levels, so that they feel more comfortable in choosing to ride their bike. Our goal is twofold: healthier community members and cleaner air for everyone.
- We encourage bicycling by engaging and inspiring community members directly through social media, website content, social rides, and bike parking services at community events.


SABA works to improve the health and quality of life for residents of the greater Sacramento area by promoting bicycling for transportation and by promoting safe bicycle trips through education, community service, and other activities. We envision a region where our streets and roads are accessible by all residents and that they feel empowered to choose bicycling as their primaryform of transportation for work or play.


As a result of the pandemic, we launched our BikeMatch program. This program matches donated bikes to people who need a bike, in particular, essential workers. In 2020, we matched over 100 people who needed a bicycle with one donated by another party. Each bicycle is refurbished and the new owner is provided a set of lights, a helmet and a lock for safety.

We need funding to move this project into a year-round program. The need for bicycles to help people get around safely became apparent when we had 30 applications for bicycles in the opening days of the project. New bicycles are in high demand, but bike shops nationwide are suffering a shortage due to the pandemic. Getting old bikes in good shape back on the road and into the hands of people in need has proven to be a program that will outlive the pandemic. We need funds to scale BikeMatch into a year-long program.

SABA's volunteers are an integral part of our organization. We rely on volunteers to support our bike valet staff, to assist with bike counts, to provide social mediaadvice, and to assist with our events and fundraisers. We also benefit from specialized volunteer contributions from skilled professionals including attorneys, land use and transportation planners, and others.

We would like to hire a part-time volunteer coordinator, but don't currently have the funds to do so. With a dedicated volunteer coordinator on board, we could build our capacity to recruit, manage and recognize our volunteers, as well as develop new volunteer opportunities.

We have programs we'd like to take to the next level of service, but are limited by capacity to implement them. We would specifically like to extend our Bike MD services into underserved communities (where there are few bike shops to service bicycles) for those who use bicycles as their primary source of transportation. With funding, we can turn fledgling programs such as Bike MD into fully funded programs through a revenue stream, which might also help land a grant or contract that could further increase our program capacity.

After staff salaries, one of our largest line items is for the database software which manages all aspects of the organization's volunteers and donors. This is an important piece of managing our current community of members, as well as a tool to engage and bring in new members. It is effective but costly, and we could use help in paying for the annual license fee.

SABA's Bike Valet program is one of our largest and most visible programs. In 2019, we parked close to 9,000 bicycles at over 300 events. Bike Valet requires a large amount of gear, including portable fencing and posts to safely enclose the bikes we park; tables and chairs for our employees and volunteers; our tents and banner.

We haul all of our bike valet gear by bike from our storage facility to events all over Sacramento. A trailer hitched to the bicycle barely gets the job done, and for larger events, where we often park over 100 bikes, that trailer is heavy and tough to tow!

We would like to electrify our fleet of bikes for Bike Valet. Electric-assist bikes would greatly benefit our staff, and help them get to all of our Bike Valet events with ease, especially during the heat of the summer.

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