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"Connecting the Roseville Community to its Urban Forest"

Since 1995, RUFF has hosted tree plantings and educational programs for Roseville citizens.  Contracting with Roseville Electric Utility, RUFF has helped facilitate the planting of over 18,000 shade trees which store carbon and avoid carbon emissions through the energy saved by direct shading of homes.  RUFF offers in person and virtual consultations to help residents choose, properly plant and care for new trees.  With the City of Roseville Open Space Division, we plan and facilitate safe native tree planting and mulching events with volunteers.  These events increase the future tree canopy and help maintain the health of the young native trees recently planted in several open space preserves in Roseville.  RUFF works with the city urban forester to choose the best trees for the location, proper planting techniques, and arrange for volunteers for the events.  The city provides funding through the City of Roseville's Mitigation Fund. RUFF is currently working with West Coast Arborists to learn GIS software and begin doing tree inventories of our planting sites.  We measuring growth (DBH) and mortality rates for Mitigation Reports. 

Caring for and expanding urban forests improves health and quality of life for residents.

RUFF has also organized public plantings in many of the city's parks (19 plantings) and schools (40 plantings), the Placer County fairgrounds, and three street side plantings.

RUFF continues to facilitate an annual "Library Book Project" donating books about tree and nature to public school libraries in Roseville which started in 2001.  RUFF board members choose books that promote understanding and appreciation of the importance of trees and their place in the natural world.  Over 1300 books have been donated to Roseville schools and public libraries.

RUFF offers seminars and workshops on choosing and planting trees and hands-on pruning.  Roseville Urban Forest Foundation has trained citizens on proper planting techniques, basic tree care, species identification, and assisting in leading community planting and tree maintenance projects.  RUFF is developing a series of "How To" videos that will be available on our website to help residents with tree care questions and concerns.  These short videos include "How to plant a tree", "How to prune trees", "How to select a reliable arborist", "How to assess the health of your trees", etc.  

RUFF does in person and virtual presentations with clubs, service groups and community organizations on the value of a healthy urban forest and the services RUFF offers to residents and the community at large. 

RUFF is currently working with Roseville Parks to plant over 3000 native trees in West Roseville open space preserves.  Over 80 volunteers attend each event.  Registration is online and available on our website:


We are a non-profit organization formed to improve the tree canopy in the Roseville, California area through tree plantings and education on the value of trees and how to grow them.


Unrestricted funding allows us to put money toward planting native tree events, GIS tree inventory projects and reports, tree benefits education, social media development, video production, and outreach projects and/or events that provide the most benefit to area residents and the urban forest.

Program Staff: Funding is needed to support and expand the job requirements for program staff in providing guidance, leadership and expertise for the programs and events offered by RUFF. You can read our Background Statement to learn about specific projects.

Funding is needed for technology equipment and software:

* Purchase and/or maintenance of website and other social media tools.

* Social media and marketing support for our organization and the region we serve.

* Software programs that will help build more meaningful and lasting relationships and connections with our customers.

* Purchase of new or to update equipment and software needed to create educational videos to supplement our consultation services.

* Purchase and subscriptions of equipment and software needed to inventory trees and create reports.

RUFF has shovels, rakes, buckets, wheelbarrows, gloves, tables, canopy, chairs, marketing materials and other tools and equipment necessary for planting and outreach events.

Funding for additional tools, replacement of old tools, storage and transportation of tools is needed.

RUFF needs BOARD MEMBERS with a diverse set of skills. You do not need to be a "tree" expert to help plan and help develop ideas on how to best educate and involve citizens, use technology to inventory and create tree value reports, market and support a membership program, and sustain the value of our urban forest.

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