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The RPSF started from humble beginnings, back in 2011, when the economy put strains on the City’s budget, and a group of Rocklin Police and Fire Volunteers and other community members banded together to raise funds for a new K9 officer. From that effort, the Rocklin Public Safety Foundation was off and running. In the 10 years since, the RPSF has honed its mission of supporting Rocklin Police and Fire—and its Public Safety Volunteers—by providing essential items not always covered by the City’s budget.  

We encourage individuals and businesses alike to seek out ways to become involved. Many opportunities exist to do so, like providing much-needed financial support and/or joining the RPSF board. Some may even want to consider joining the Rocklin Police and Fire Volunteer Program. These types of contributions and activities directly benefit our quality of life in Rocklin.


The Rocklin Public Safety Foundation (RPSF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to support and enhance the Police and Fire Departments in the City of Rocklin, California.

The purpose of our charter is to provide Rocklin’s Police and Fire Departments with funding for essential items that are not always covered by the city’s budget.

Previously Funded Efforts:

- Multiple K-9 unit animals and handler training

- Bomb Suit for EOD Unit

- Celebrite – Forensic Unit

- Lidar guns

- The Memorial Fountain in front of the PD

- Mobile Command Boards - Incident Command

- Portable projectors for Fire, Fall and Senior Safety SWAT Medic Kit

- Drug testing kits for parents

- BBQ & Patio Furniture for outdoor break area

- Workout equipment

- Drones

- Go Pro camera

- Ballistic vests for firefighters

- Decontamination systems for firefighters


Current projects seeking funding:

Ongoing K-9 training and acquisition program: RPSF has funded the last two K-9 officers and the proper training for their handlers.

Ballistic vests for Arson Investigation Unit: Rocklin has recently stood up its own Arson Unit to ensure a single tragedy stays an isolated incident and the perpetrator is stopped before they can cause more damage. Due to the dangerous nature of these investigations, we are working to provide our designated firefighters with ballistic vests.

Children fingerprinting system for the community: Our child fingerprinting software is utilized by the entire community to maintain a detailed and accurate system to help return any lost children to their home as quickly as possible.

Non-startling alert devices for our community fire trucks: In our community, there are times when discretion is needed and is a better way to alert pedestrian traffic to oncoming vehicles. This alert device (front mounted bell) will allow our fire engines to more discretely pass through areas where loud sirens and horns may cause more damage than needed.

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