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Founded in 1983 at the Port of West Sacramento, River City Rowing Club is a community rowing club serving residents of West Sacramento, Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, Elk Grove, and beyond. Through Learn to Row classes and team membership, RCRC opens the benefits of rowing -- camaraderie, low-impact yet high intensity physical training, and access to the outdoors locally -- to community members of all ages and athletic backgrounds.

Each year 70+ high school athletes, 150+ adult members, and 20+ middle school rowers join the team programs at RCRC, training 9-12 months of the year. RCRC coaches provide comprehensive training tailored to the age and rowing experience of their team, while developing teamwork, effort, persistence and accountability. The majority of these members took their first rowing strokes in RCRC beginning rowing classes, which reach 200+ community members annually. Classes welcome individuals seeking the short term motivation of a new physical activity and those for whom rowing at RCRC becomes a pillar for a healthy lifestyle; across the age groups, over 45% of class participants join an RCRC rowing team. As a low impact endurance sport, rowing is an activity that youth and adult rowers can engage in and return to throughout their life. RCRC's joint commitments to teaching new rowers and supporting the nuanced fitness, recreational, and/or competitive goals of each member, gives new and experienced rowers access to this life long sport. Our youngest rowers are 10 and our oldest are in their 80's yet youth and adult members consistently share that rowing at RCRC provides a community of motivated individuals and diverse health benefits.

RCRC's visits to middle and high schools in West Sacramento and the greater Sacramento region is a core part of our outreach, yet sadly on hiatus. In a standard school year, the Club works with P.E. teachers at 8 or more local schools to coordinate Learn to Row days in their P.E. classes. Our coaches provide rowing machines and instruction over one to two days; by the end, nearly every 6th-11th grade student at those schools has received an invitation to try rowing in boats and an introduction to correctly using a rowing machine, laying the foundation for them to use indoor rowing as a fun, challenging physical activity. We look forward to returning to classrooms and bringing rowing to 3,000+ students annually.

RCRC relies on the support of our members and the greater community to fulfill our mission and offer rowing to a wide range of West Sacramento area youth and adults. Through financial support of RCRC donors and sponsors can expand the Club's reach by empowering the Club to expand our site, maintain and grow our rowing fleet, and provide an outstanding rowing experience.


We are driven to get people rowing and keep people rowing.


Expansion Project: To continue to welcome new rowers and better support longtime members RCRC is raising funds for our expanded facilities at the Port of West Sacramento. The expansion space will include the following phase 1 facilities: a protected outdoor workout area, additional protected storage space for boats and rowing machines, and a second dock so multiple programs can run in the high demand evenings, mornings, and weekends.

Ergs (Concept2 Rowing Machines): Ergs are rowers' most effective on-land training tool. RCRC's forty ergs are heavily used by all Club members, requiring continuous maintenance and eventual replacement. When schools are operating in-person classes, these ergs are how RCRC brings rowing to students in West Sacramento and throughout the Sacramento region. RCRC welcomes donations of used ergs in good condition. Your idle erg could get a local student to start rowing!

Rowing singles: For the past year, due to COVID safety policies, the adults and youth have only been rowing in our small fleet of singles. We have an aging fleet of only 17 singles, the newest of which was already 14 years old, and most more than 20 years old or too old to know.

Maintenance has been a constant battle to keep each boat in operational order. As boat use is heavily scheduled in order to provide training for 200+ rowers, when a boat is out for repair someone's rowing practice is often canceled. And with a finite number of singles, the most members we can have on the water at any one time is 17, which prior to COVID we could do with just three boats (two 8+s and a double). Each boat is rowed 2-3 times per day and the wear and tear has been significant; we really need to invest in some new (or newer) singles due to the obvious depreciation we are contending with. $8,000 would allow us to purchase one new, high quality single. How many do we need to replace? About 12!

Junior Team Financial Scholarships: RCRC strives to provide the opportunities associated with rowing to all student-athletes, regardless of their families' financials. Junior scholarships to assist with Club dues are available for families requesting assistance, following review and meeting certain criteria.

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