Race and Gender Equity Project

Founded in 2016, the Race and Gender Equity (RAGE) Project provides support to young people ages 13-26 in order to advance the wellbeing of Black youth locally and around the globe.  We also work to improve public interventions, policies and practices that impact the wellbeing of youth and communities of color.  In addition, we provide consulting and coaching rooted in frameworks of racial, gender & healing justice and restful leadership.

We create spaces that create change. 

We imagine: We envision a world where every young person has spaces where they can be free and well.

We build: We provide an infrastructure of support to individuals and communities working to create change; 

We dismantle: We work with individuals & organizations to disrupt antiblackness & white supremacy culture and create anti-racist spaces.

Core Values:

We believe, in addition to transforming or abolishing the systems and institutions that perpetuate harm, we must also dream, imagine and build new spaces that are just and free.  While complete transformation may take time we recognize the urgency, and we patiently celebrate every liberatory moment.  Our work is rooted in the values of:

Love & Liberation: driven by love, we pursue liberation for all people by uplifting Black joy, happiness and peace in our work and in our community.  We work to dismantle, and abolish, systems of white supremacy culture that perpetuate antiblackness and threaten freedom.

Youth & Community Centered: young people are at the center of our work.  We recognize, and strive to increase the power of Black youth and develop their ability to create change inside & outside RAGE  We also center community and community care.  We cannot do this work in isolation.  

Participatory & Collaborative: the work we do is driven by those most impacted by the change being created.  We use participatory and collaborative frameworks, to develop systems & infrastructure, so that our work will exist and expand long after we are gone.  We build capacity so that community members can create change.

Intersectional: we use an intersectional, anti-racism lens that centers race and recognizes other intersectional ways people are privileged and oppressed.

Resist binaries: We reject binaries; binaries in gender, race, and other forms of stratification.  We recognize the world is nuanced.  We move away from “either or” and lean into the “yes and”. We also recognize this may mean we have to unlearn, try and retry and expect we won’t always get it right. 

Restful leadership: We recognize the impact of trauma in our everyday lives and celebrate the growth and resistance of historically marginalized people.  We also model the dismantling of antiblackness & white supremacy culture by advancing workplace wellbeing and restful leadership within RAGE. We believe self care and squad care (community care) are interconnected.

Transformative social justice: We recognize our leadership role in current and future justice movements.  We strive for justice in all forms, including: racial, gender, educational economic, healing, climate, environmental and housing justice.

Giving Activity


We harness the power of individual and collective transformation through healing, education, advocacy and research.


Donations of $25 or more a month will help provide cleaning supplies, books & journals , and other equipment for the RAGE spaces.

Donations of $50 or more can be used to buy equipment to make this space even more youth friendly.

Donations of $100 or more will be added to our #ragehealingfund and be used to provide a therapy session for Black youth. Monthly donations provide ongoing support!

If you make a donation of $1000 or more we can award one of our HEAL Fellows with seed money to invest in their business (once they complete our year long program.)

Equity Statement

As a Black-led organization, equity is built into the fabric of who we are and what we do. We use an intersectional lens, rooted in Critical Race Theory and Restful Leadership, to guide our work.

We believe, in order to create sustainable change, the voices and recommendations of the most historically and systemically oppressed youth and communities must be at the center. As an organization, we recognize, and strive to increase, the power of Black youth and develop their ability to create change.

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Race and Gender Equity Project

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The RAGE Project

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Youth Development

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Board Members, Funding: Program, Funding: Unrestricted, Space: Office or Other

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Youth & Children, Black/African American, Women/Female-identifying

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Both the Executive Director & Board Chair

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Sacramento, CA, US



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