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We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) focused on helping individuals establish positive social skills, friendships, and find a place where they can thrive in the community through making time to pull up a chair with one another having no expectations or judgment. Ultimately improving lives in the community through gaming, conversation, and working together.

Currently we are raising funds to help students and young adults in the Sacramento, CA area with the life skills needed in order to be successful in social situations, education, careers, and positive life skills.

We are currently looking to fund different programs provided by Alever Consulting and Time2Tabletop in order to assist people in need of these skills and guidance.

If you have any questions about our current fundraising, programs, or volunteering opportunities, please contact us at hello@puacF.org


community through connection, conversation, and collaboration


We are in need of funding, sponsorship, and volunteers. The programs we support are to help the greater Sacramento area children, young adults, and adults that are in need with Social Emotional Learning classes, Job Search training, and College Application assistance.

Equity Statement

pull up a chair Foundation is based upon bringing people together in order to better themselves and prepare them for a successful, productive life. This is to include, being prepared for social interactions, education, and employment skills.

Our funding is to provide different types of events, classes, guidance, and mentorship to those who may not have these types of opportunities readily available to them.

We work with local businesses and communities in order to provide these services to children and adults alike that are not able to receive these services on their own.

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pull up a chair Foundation

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Equity Statement


3301 N Park Drive
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