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Child Advocates of Placer County received its 501(c)(3) non-profit status in March 2004, with the purpose of establishing a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program for the Placer County Juvenile Court.

We accomplish our mission through four volunteer-driven programs:
1. Placer CASA, which provides Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) to youth in foster care and youth in the juvenile delinquency/probation system.
2. Placer Mentors, which provides adult mentors for youth who are at risk of educational failure, or of entering the juvenile justice or child welfare systems, as well as former foster youth who have aged-out of foster care.
3. Family Mentors, which assigns mentors to work one-on-one with parents who are striving to rebuild their families. These parents are either working toward reunifying with their children who are in the child welfare system, or are recovering from drug abuse or domestic violence and are at-risk of having their children enter the child welfare system.
4. Prosper Placer, which connects community volunteers with families who are stable but live at or below the poverty level and are trying to achieve "middle class". In collaboration with various local churches, this program brings together volunteers and parents in group settings to develop an intentional community of support, where volunteers can help the parents by sharing their knowledge, connections and friendship.

Originally, Child Advocates of Placer County (CAPC) only focused on providing CASA volunteers to foster children and mentors to at-risk youth. But over time, we realized that to address the needs of the child without also taking into account the needs of the parents often made change very difficult. As a result, we created our Family Mentor and Prosper Placer programs as part of our continuing efforts to serve the children in our county through a "Whole-Family Approach".

Our goal for 2021 is to provide volunteer CASAs and Mentors to 500 foster children, probation youth, at-risk youth, and families.

The goals of the CASA and Mentor programs are to provide youth with positive adult contact, thereby reducing risk factors (e.g., early antisocial behavior, alienation, lack of commitment to school) by enhancing protective factors (e.g., healthy relationships and beliefs, opportunities for involvement, and social and material reinforcement for appropriate behavior). By meeting weekly with the youth, CASAs and Mentors develop unique bonds with the youth and gain great insight into the youth's life. This is then shared with the judge, attorneys and social workers. As our Juvenile Court Judge, the Hon. Francis Kearney, says, "CASA volunteers make a marked difference in the life of the most vulnerable children appearing in the Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency Courts. It is heroic work."


Our mission is to be the bridge between the most vulnerable in our community and volunteers who make a difference.


We need volunteers to become CASAs, Youth Mentors, Family Mentors and Prosper Placer "Allies"

Board Members with strong community ties.

Funding to help us serve more foster, at-risk, and probation youth.

Funding to help us build overall capacity.

We need funding to help cover the cost of extracurricular activities for our youth, who often do not have the resources to do the things that a typical youth would get to do. Activities include participation in sports, music, and the arts, summer camp, drivers training, and senior year activities.

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Child Advocates of Placer County

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Placer CASA

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Human Services

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