Melanin Day School Academy

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Forever Connected Holistic Healing and Wellness Center, operating under the name The Melanin Day School Academy, is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Founded in 2020 and officially established as a 501c3 in Fall 2021, our center is nestled in the heart of Sacramento's Black Wall Street. Serving as a beacon of support for multi-generational enrichment, we pride ourselves on being the village many black families have longed for. Our mission is to provide a myriad of cultural enrichment resources and services that empower black families to embrace a thriving mindset.

With boundless pride, we highlight our transformative journey fueled by your invaluable support. From nurturing a humble community of 2 educators to a formidable team of 8, and extending our embrace from 3 to over 20 families, we've burgeoned into a beacon of hope. Our impact resonates with over 200 individuals, echoing through 15+ events that galvanize spirits and foster unity. With 8,000+ website visits and 24,138 social media views, our reach knows no bounds. We've served over 2,250 meals, nourishing both body and soul.


Through meticulous program development driven by community feedback, we've birthed initiatives that weave the fabric of families tighter, unravel traumas, and kindle the flames of intentional healing in a sanctuary of safety. Our key programs, spanning Cultural Enrichment, Accelerated Learning, Athletics and Performance Teams, Immersive Field Trips, Community Outreach, and Youth Volunteering, serve as pillars of empowerment, guiding our community on a trajectory towards boundless growth and prosperity. Your contributions breathe life into our endeavors, making dreams a tangible reality. Join us in our noble quest, and together, let's craft a future teeming with promise and possibility.

Giving Activity


Inform and educate members of the Pan-African Diaspora on methods and practices to heal and thrive together.


- Funding for culturally diverse programming, workshops, and events. Donations range from $10-$1,000 help with food, stipends, supplies and special event fees.

- Financial support for advanced educational tools, technology, and resources. Donations range from $75-$1,000.

- Funding for equipment, uniforms, and facilities maintenance. $500-$6,000

- Sponsorship opportunities for travel expenses and competition fees.

- Financial assistance for transportation, admission fees, and related expenses. Donations range from $20-$10,000

- Funding for community engagement events, workshops, and informational sessions. Donations can be for $10, $25, $40, $77-$6,773.

- Funding for stipends or scholarships for youth staff members. Donations can range from $25-$100

- Funding for digital marketing campaigns, website maintenance, and social media management. Donations can include $40, $75, $100- $2,000/year.

- Funding for professional accounting services to ensure financial transparency and compliance. Donations can range from $1,000-$5,000.

- Legal consultation and support for compliance with nonprofit regulations and laws. Donations can range from $1,000-$5,000.

- Assistance with drafting and reviewing contracts, agreements, and policies. Donations can range from $500-$1,000.

- Funding for facility maintenance, repairs, and improvements. Donations can range from $500-$6,000.

Equity Statement

Achieving equity through culturally enriching education and holistic wellness initiatives for the Black community in Sacramento's Black Wall Street.

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Organization name

Melanin Day School Academy

Year Established


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Mission Category

Arts, Culture & Humanities

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Organization Need

Funding: Unrestricted, In-Kind Donations, Board Members

Demographics Served

Black/African American, Low-income individuals/families, Individuals with disabilities

BIPOC Leadership

Both the Executive Director & Board Chair

Local Counties Served

Sacramento, Yolo, El Dorado


2251 FLORIN RD STE 122

Service areas

Sacramento, CA, US

Elk Grove, CA, US

Citrus Heights, CA, US

Rancho Cordova, CA, US