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How 2 Love Our Cops stands as a testament to the power of community and understanding. Originating from Victoria Newman’s personal journey, it has grown to represent hope, support, and a guiding hand for law enforcement families navigating their unique life paths. The organization’s dedication to its mission suggests a promising future filled with growth, outreach, and unwavering support.

The value of the work H2LOC does every day through dozens of volunteers has short term and long-term impact on families across the nation. Marriages have been improved. Marriages have been saved. Relationships with children have been rethought and connection ignited. The impact of these three results alone reverberates through each family, the community, and extends into generations. 

H2LOC will continue to learn, grow, and meet the needs of Blue Homes. Specifically, we are striving to equip every family in the nation with our tools, perspectives, educational resources, and crisis response.


How 2 Love Our Cops educates, encourages, and equips law enforcement families to thrive relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. We seek to touch every blue family in America, providing proactive and responsive tools that will build healthy relationships, emotional wellness, and spiritual growth!


How 2 Love Our Cops is dedicated to providing critical support and resources to law enforcement families, ensuring they have the resilience, well-being, and community backing they need to thrive. Your generous donation will empower us to expand our impactful programs, offer more comprehensive services, and reach even more of our brave heroes and their loved ones.

Your contribution has the power to directly impact specific programs designed to uplift and assist our law enforcement officers and their families. Here's how your donation can make a difference:

Wellness Workshops: Your support can fund workshops that provide officers and their families with tools for managing stress, enhancing mental resilience, and promoting physical health, ensuring they are well-equipped to face the challenges of their duty with strength and confidence. These conferences can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 to host! (*including travel)

Peer Support Network: Contributions help us to bolster our Peer support networks, offering crucial resources and a supportive community for the spouses, children, and loved ones of law enforcement officers. This program is vital in nurturing strong, supportive families who can navigate the unique challenges of a law enforcement career together. We send a team every year to Police Week in Washington D.C. to peer support familles of loved ones killed in the line of duty. Each team we send costs approximately $5,000.

Counseling Services: Donations enable us to offer confidential, professional counseling services to officers and their families, addressing the psychological and emotional needs that arise from the demands of law enforcement work. Your gift ensures these services are accessible to those in need, fostering mental well-being and resilience.

Family Field Training: Funding for our family field training program helps prepare officers and their families for the emotional and physical demands of their roles, promoting strategies for coping with adversity and building a culture of mental toughness and perseverance.

Community Engagement Initiatives: Your support also enhances our community engagement initiatives, which bridge the gap between law enforcement families and the communities they serve, fostering mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation.

Every dollar you donate goes directly towards these programs, each designed to make a substantial, positive impact on the lives of those who protect and serve our communities. On this Big Day of Giving 2024, we humbly ask you to consider supporting "How 2 Love Our Cops." Together, we can continue to provide the care, support, and appreciation our law enforcement families so richly deserve. Thank you for your generosity and for believing in our mission.

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