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Hope Cooperative (aka TLCS, Inc.) has been providing mental health and supportive housing services for people with mental health challenges for 42 years in Sacramento County. As a client-driven organization, we are dedicated to the independence and empowerment of individuals with psychiatric and other disabilities. Our services include intensive case management, permanent supportive housing, life skills education, psychiatric services, therapy, co-occurring substance use treatment, residential support services, opportunities for social connectedness and meaningful activities, and crisis intervention, which we provide to more than 10,000 people in our community each year. Many of our clients are homeless when they begin their Hope Cooperative journey and are now successfully living in a "forever" home. Our 300 dedicated and compassionate staff members are committed to culturally sensitive services that support clients on their path to self-sufficiency.

Founded in 1981, Hope Cooperative brought the first HUD grant to the region nearly four decades ago, and we've grown to become a leader in providing new and innovative housing and supportive services to Sacramento's mental health community. We own or operate seven different residential facilities and support clients in scattered-site housing throughout Sacramento County. Hope Cooperative has created a range of exemplary housing options in this county, providing permanent supportive housing to more than 400 individuals and families, and working hard to create additional affordable housing throughout the greater Sacramento area. We creatively use diverse funding sources to maximize the number of housing options available in the community, and our case managers work closely with each client to offer encouragement, support, and specific skills to break the cycle of homelessness and engage the client with community supports to keep them off the streets for good.

Hope Cooperative was recognized as the 2015 Sacramento Housing Alliance Social Justice award winner, in 2019 was selected as Bank of America's "Neighborhood Builder", and in 2020, we were awarded the JVance Stewart Community Service Award by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

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Hope Cooperative transforms the lives of those living with behavioral health challenges, substance use disorders, and homelessness by supporting their independence, promoting housing stability, and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives.


Government contracts typically fund programs with very specific and restrictive budget criteria. Unrestricted reserves are essential for any fiscally healthy organization and allow us to provide necessary items for our clients which are not allowable under current government funding, such as food and water, blankets and coats, obtainment of identification (necessary to gain access to shelters and other resources), work clothes/gear, and other items that increase their quality of life.

Donated Property: While Hope Cooperative owns several small residential properties occupied by our clients, we currently lease clinical and administrative space. More dollars could be spent on direct client needs if we owned, rather than leased, these spaces. In addition, there is an increasing need for affordable housing stock for people who are experiencing homelessness, especially those with challenging behavioral health needs. We are actively involved in several projects that should result in over 500 new units. These units will need to be furnished as set up for residents exiting homelessness.

There is real need for dedicated co-occurring disorder treatment for people with serious mental illness. Hope Cooperative is now a State-certified substance use disorder treatment provider specializing in this specific population. We seek sustainable funding to expand this service to members of the Sacramento County Mental Health Plan. In January 2023 we opened a 20 bed Sober Living Home where we will tackle the devastating effects of methamphetamine use by pairing sober living with intensive Outpatient treatment. Evidence indicates that this model can be highly effective in supporting people dealing with one of the most difficult addictions. This program will need additional funding from private sources to ensure that we are able to provide basic needs to our clients coming directly from homelessness.

People with mental illness are the most underemployed group of disabled people, yet evidence demonstrates that supported employment programs help people with even the most serious mental illnesses remain in paid employment. Studies show that most adults with mental illness want to work, and approximately six out of ten can succeed with appropriate supports. We are in search of employer partners willing to hire our clients. At Hope Cooperative, we provide support to our employer partners by acting as the liaison between our clients and their employers, offering ongoing training to employers, and ensuring our clients have reliable transportation to and from work as well as the emotional support they need to thrive. Failing to connect people with mental illness who want to work with effective supported employment programs carries a high public price tag. Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide. People with mental illness are the largest and fastest growing group of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) beneficiaries.

We know our clients want to work and have much to offer. Many of our clients are thriving in supported employment, have voluntarily gone off of government assistance, and are fully supporting themselves. Please consider hiring our wonderful clients!

Equity Statement

Hope Cooperative centers equity as one of our organizational values. We have been committed to hiring people with lived expertise with mental health challenges, substance use disorders and homelessness since our founding. We intentionally strive to ensure that our staff, management and board represent the people we serve from a number of perspectives: race, ethnicity, age, geography, gender, sexual orientation, and lived experience. 45% of our management team identifies as BIPOC and we actively create opportunities for advancement among our staff of color as well as our LGBTQ staff. We strive to become a truly antiracist organization believing that when we know better, we do better, and we are constantly committed to learning through cultural humility.

Honesty, Opportunity, Passion, & Equity (H.O.P.E)

Hope Cooperative is dedicated to purposeful action to dismantle the systems that devalue and dehumanize people. We believe health equity is a priority and diversity is strength. Hope Cooperative creates space for individual backgrounds, cultures, identities, and perspectives which leads to richer, more innovative solutions for all. We can only do this through directly naming and addressing systemic biases and privileges that impact our society.

HOPE is…

…recognized as a leader who values the whole person.

…fostering an equitable, inclusive, and welcoming space for our staff and community.

…providing opportunities for growth and development.

…devoted to learning, fostering, and embracing a culture of belonging.

HOPE is committed to continually reducing barriers impacting underrepresented groups.

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Hope Cooperative

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TLCS, Inc.

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Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

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$10,000,001-$100 million

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Funding: Unrestricted, Space: Office or Other, Funding: Program, Other

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Individuals with disabilities, General population, Homeless/Underhoused/Unhoused

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Sacramento, Yolo

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Equity Statement


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