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At Feed Sacramento Homeless we provide mobile resources for the unhoused and low-income communities in Sacramento County.  We cook and provide meals you would feed your family on Sunday. We have fed, provided hygiene packs, feminine products, clothes, socks, blankets, survival gear, and more to more than 70,000 of our Peeps on the streets.  We pride ourselves with providing a family reunion environment at our community pop-up feeding events.  We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and their dignity will be left intact while attending our outreach events.

At our outreach events, Everything is Free. We have our hot food station (sometimes we cook meals on site), we have our grocery store, we have our clothing and shoe store, and we have food for their fur babies too. We make sure all our Peeps have bags to keep hold of their items while they are shopping and/or eating. 

Our meals consist of tacos with all of the fixings, baked chicken, spaghetti, chili beans, pot pies, pizza, roast, various casseroles, sandwiches, and more.  We also like to BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs. All of our meals come with a drink, a side dish, vegetables, and a desert. Sometimes we'll switch it up and cook a hearty brunch, with pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hot chocolate, and coffee. All cooked fresh, hot, and on the spot.

We also sponsor youth for prom, have mentor programs, we do pop-u events for the youth to provide a safe space for them to hang out on the weekends, and we have a yearly toy drive where we provide gifts for about 400 kiddos (up to 17 years of age) a year.

Our Peeps in the streets and surrounding business' have grown to trust and love us as much as we truly love them. We have established this trust because we are consistent with the services that we provide, and we always leave our area cleaner than we found it!

THE BIGGER PICTURE MENTOR PROGRAM "Preserving The Past, Promoting The Future!"

TBP is a mentorship program designed to provide services for at-risk youth who are either unhoused or residing in low-income communities. It aims to support those dealing with life stressors, as well as youth facing turbulent transitions into adulthood. The program offers a positive support system to help avoid the pitfalls that could disrupt their lives."

Our Youth connect with our Mentors because we provide a safe haven where authentic connections are made. The environment is one where the youth know that their voice matters.  Youth ideas, concepts, and input are included with making decisions about community projects and events that are for their peers. 

In our office we have a small video arcade and a library for our youth to enjoy in their free time.  We have iPads for youth to do their homework, create resumes, or to look for employment.

Our parent CBO Feed Sacramento Homeless host monthly community pop-up events for the unhoused members in Sacramento. These events provide a platform for our Youth to give back to the communities they live in. Youth have the opportunity to create, plan, and execute these community events; allowing them to build their leadership skills.

The Youth that have experienced our program have graduated high school, have gain employment, have completed probation, and enjoy giving back to their community. 

TBP Mentors are a resource for at-risk youth to gain coping skills, confidence, and self-advocacy skills.  Mentors inspire positive change, leadership skills, and character development, and enable youth to visualize their futures clearly.  TBP mentor program will provide participants with opportunities to develop the work-related skills needed to navigate into adulthood successfully.

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Mission: To provide hope and inspiration for the unhoused and the underserved communities. To show those in a challenging situation that they are seen and worthy of respect.


Our program consists of the Bigs (youth 14-19) being paired with the Littles (youth 6-13). The Bigs will provide mentorship to the Littles. The Littles will come to class with Bigs once or twice a week to learn about the effects of using marijuana underage and more.

The Bigs will attend classes the first two weeks learning about the effects of underage marijuana usage, coping skills, doing various ice breakers that will lead to trust, understanding of self, and preparing the Bigs to become young mentors.

The Bigs will receive a $500 stipend for forty completed program hours.

The Littles will receive a $200 stipend for twenty-five completed program hours.

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Feed Sacramento Homeless

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Human Services

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$50,001 - $100,000

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Funding: Other, Funding: Program, Funding: Unrestricted, In-Kind Donations, Space: Office or Other, Technology

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Youth & Children, Low-income individuals/families, Homeless/Underhoused/Unhoused

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Both the Executive Director & Board Chair

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4625 44TH STREET STE 32

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Sacramento, CA, US



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