Fat Kitty City Humane Society

Reviewed in 2022 by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Founded in memory of doctors Richard and Betty Agee, the parents of Cindy Minghelli, we memorialize their life-long careers caring for both humans as well as their furry little friends. Loving all animals, trained and licensed wildlife rehabbers (squirrels, raccoons opossums, skunks, and some reptiles), Cindy & Ed Minghelli established Agee in October 1999, to help end the suffering created by today's often-deliberate massive pet (dog and cat) overpopulation.

In July 2003, we relocated to California and have taken on our biggest challenge - to open "FatKittyCity", a permanent sanctuary to provide MAXIMUM care to our animals. Most rescue groups, though doing their best, simply house animals in small, individual cages, or large "warehouse" commercial buildings. There, cats do not have a "natural" environment, resulting in many contagious diseases spreading rampantly through the facility. Nor do they take feline AIDS (FIV) positive animals, or those needing other, serious medical regimens. These are the "discarded" poor souls, with nowhere to run.

We have now established a "Sanctuary" for unwanted pets and are busy trapping, spaying, neutering, adopting, and caring for rescued animals. At our Sanctuary, FatKittyCity doesn't merely "warehouse" a bunch of animals in one, indoor warehouse, where diseases can run rampant, it allows kitties to roam indoors and outdoors, in a protected environment, simulating a "forever" home. They have the necessary room to actually run, play and climb trees!


The Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund, Inc., (Agee) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, dedicated to ending needless animal suffering, through spaying, neutering, socializing, adopting, and other aggressive approaches. We currently operate our one-of-a-kind sanctuary, "FatKittyCity" on a twenty acre, tree-studded natural environment in Northern California.


Due to the volume of cats that come through our clinic - we are always in need of donations to help with the operating cost of our spay and neuter programs. We are also expanding our clinic so we will be able to handle even more of a volume than we currently do.

With the new routine of power outages when the winds blow, we are now looking to go Solar. We are a full outdoor sanctuary and on well water and when the power goes out it puts additional strain on us to care for our cats. We are launching a PowerUP Fat Kitty City and we are in the process of raising funds to help us go Solar in 2020.

Canned cat food and litter are always in need.

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