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The Friends of the Folsom City Zoo, Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1981 to help support the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. The Zoo Sanctuary houses animals that were orphaned before learning how to provide for themselves in the wild, injured and unable to fend for themselves, or confiscated as illegal pets. The majority of the Zoo residents (approximately 60%) are native North American species, with an emphasis on our local habitat like the American River Parkway where raccoons, hawks, coyotes and mountain lions live. Approximately 20% of the residents are domesticated, such as our horses, donkeys, and Zebu. Finally, about 20% are exotic, such as our primates, macaws, and parrots. Animals living at the Zoo Sanctuary are treated like the individuals they are. Their names and histories are shared with the zoo visitors as teaching stories.

The zoo and its volunteers offer programs designed to help individuals, schools, and families of all ages and abilities learn through experience, involvement, and discovery.


The mission of the Friends of the Folsom Zoo, Inc. is to assist in the enrichment and enhancement of the lives of the animals living at the zoo sanctuary through funding special needs, creating partnerships, supporting educational activities, and sponsoring special events.


Build a flighted bird aviary to give birds such as the blue and gold macaws a large space in which to fly and exhibit natural behaviors.

Retrofit enclosures for bobcats and foxes to give them more choice and control. Natural hiding structures, additional climbing areas, and plants are needed to provide habitat improvement.

Build new structures/playground for goats to climb, jump, and play on.

Improve the Mountain Lion exhibit to provide more usable space and increase opportunities for enrichment. More high platforms, hammocks, and bushes are needed.

Additional funds for animal training consultant to work with Zoo staff and animals. Training decreases veterinary costs by enabling animals to voluntarily participate in their own care. For example, if bears or large carnivores open their mouths on command, or press their bodies up against the wire for keepers to examine them, it decreases the need for the vet to anesthetize them. Training also enables staff to identify health concerns early (especially in prey animals who are experts in hiding illness).

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Friends of the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

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$50,001 - $100,000

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Animals, Seniors, Youth & Children


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