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City Year helps students and schools succeed. Diverse teams of Student Success Coaches provide support to students, classrooms, and the whole school, helping to ensure that students in systemically under-resourced schools receive a high-quality education that prepares them with the skills and mindsets to thrive and contribute to their community. A 2022 study shows that more time spent with a City Year Student Success Coach is associated with improvements in ​social, emotional, academic, and attendance outcomes and that making gains in social-emotional skills is like gaining an entire school year of achievement growth in math or English for students in grades 3-10.​

We partner with schools in communities challenged by persistent inequities in our education system to create learning environments where all students can build on their strengths and fully engage in their learning. Nationally, more than 90% of students attending City Year partner schools are students of color and approximately 90% are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. City Year seeks to serve schools in vulnerable communities to increase the number of students who are on track to graduate, prepared for success in school and life.

We believe that developing the skills and mindsets of all children and young adults contributes to strong, vibrant communities. We know that every child can succeed and that when students succeed, we all benefit.

A proud member of the AmeriCorps national service network, City Year is supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service, local school districts and private philanthropy. City Year Sacramento deploys 66 highly skilled AmeriCorps members to serve in six schools impacting over 3,200 students at Father Keith B. Kenny K-8, Fern Bacon Middle School, Leataata Floyd Elementary, Oak Ridge Elementary School, Rosa Parks K-8 School, and Earl Warren Elementary School.


City Year's vision is equity in education for every student in every neighborhood.​ In pursuit of this, City Year deploys highly motivated, young adult AmeriCorps members to serve as Student Success Coaches in schools with the most growth opportunities located in communities challenged by persistent inequity in our education system.​


Our near-peer approach to academic and social-emotional support in the classroom offers additional resources to both the teacher and students. Providing funding allows us to add more Corps members to our team reaching more students in the Sacramento region. The Whole School Whole Child model that we use to enhance the individual student experience and the overall school environment is made more powerful with the addition of more Corps members.

A gift of $50 = Painting materials to create a welcoming learning environment at a high-need school.

A gift of $100 = One day of in-class academic and behavior coaching support for an entire classroom.

A gift of $250 = One day of leadership development training for a team of AmeriCorps members.

A gift of $500 = One week of after-school enrichment programming for 25 students.

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City Year Sacramento

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