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Chicks in Crisis (CiC) was established 26 years ago with a simple mission: to reduce the number of infants and children in the Sacramento region facing abandonment, foster care, abuse, or even death, by teaching responsible parenting skills so children can grow up in a home with family and love to every child. 

Today, working with more than 400 clients each month, primarily in South Sacramento and Elk Grove, Chicks in Crisis is a vital pregnancy and parenting resource center with a strong emphasis on education and maintaining family size.

Our goal is to keep moms and dads in school (high school, college/trade school) so that they can get a good paying job and be self-sufficient and will not need to rely on public assistance. As long as our clients are in school, every 30 days, we will provide them with items for their child(ren) under 5 such as:

  1.  Diapers and wipes
  2.  Formula
  3.  New and gently used clothing 
  4.  Hygiene for the whole family
  5.  Essential baby items: bouncers, strollers, blankets, etc

By providing approximately $250-$300 worth of these items every month, we are alleviating the burden of having to try to find ways to afford these items and are focused on helping those who are helping themselves. 

In addition, CiC offers a variety of workshops and builds nurturing relationships with young women and men who lack family support. 

In the last three years (since Jan 2020), CiC has distributed 603,903 items to our community and assisted over 10,000 people. CiC is a crucial and necessary resource center for families in our area.

A testimony from a past client - Jazmin's Story

I first began receiving assistance through Chicks in Crisis in January of 2020 - I was welcomed with open arms and was never questioned or judged by my living and financial circumstances at the time. I remember going home after my very first visit with a trunk full of basic needs and some surprise gifts - diapers, wipes, formula, bags of used clothing, small used toys, books, and hygiene equipment - in quantities that I would have never imagined being able to acquire on my own at that time. As a student, I was eligible to receive assistance every 30 days until the date of my graduation. In addition to the support with basic needs, staff would regularly check in with me by phone in between appointments to ensure my own physical and mental safety and well-being and offered referrals to additional government services that allowed me to continue to support my family.

Receiving the level of support that I did as a struggling first-time mom and low-income student, especially once COVID-19 hit, allowed me to continue pursuing my education and enter into my first career as a science teacher and second career in technical support without quitting school or further delaying my path to a teaching credential. I was no longer forced to choose between groceries versus purchasing diapers or which credit card had the least amount of debt when my WIC/SNAP benefits were used up for the month. I was able to comfortably dress my son in appropriate size clothing rather than squeezing him into clothing that was too small because I could not afford to buy a new set of clothes for him and do laundry multiple times a day. I was also able to give my son birthday and holiday gifts and utilize safety equipment through donors of Chicks in Crisis who regularly donate used clothing, kids toys, furniture, bedding, toileting equipment, etc. I was also relieved of the burden of having to spend money on my own hygiene needs (in addition to my child’s needs) through the generous help of Chicks in Crisis providing basic hygiene needs for moms and dads as well as their children. Additionally, I was able to pursue my dream of receiving a Master’s degree while supporting my son as I was gradually able to support my family financially on my own, and the support staff graciously celebrated my accomplishments through sponsorship of special invitations to events as a “star client”. Most importantly, my son was able to grow healthy and happy with two healthy parents under one roof.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the staff at Chicks in Crisis and all of the generous donors who have helped support this organization and allowed many young parents to stay in school to launch their careers to support their families. It is with the assistance of donors and community members that have allowed Chicks in Crisis to grow and help many more families over the years, and I am now proud to be a donor myself and give back to the organization and support the families currently in need of assistance. Thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration in investing in young families and their futures.

Giving Activity


What started out as a passion to just help teen moms and women, or “chicks in crisis,” CiC has transformed into an essential pregnancy and parenting resource center for moms, dads, children and birth mothers with a mission of helping ALL families cross the finish line. Located on a 2.5 acre ranch in Elk Grove, CA, Chicks in Crisis is a bustling, yet peaceful oasis, offering services to anyone who is parenting and enrolled in school every 30 days with diapers, wipes, formula, hygiene and clothing as long as family size is maintained and no subsequent children are born while needing our assistance. Education is the key! The ultimate goal at CiC is that our clients are able to support their families without outside assistance; therefore, the finish line is graduating high school and going on to finish college or a trade school so that they become responsible, self-sufficient parents and are able to raise their children in a healthy, happy environment.


Diapers, wipes, and formula - a lifeline for young parents, alleviating pressure to leave school to earn money.

New and gently used children's clothing - size Newborn to children's 7/8.

Assistance with tending our Healing Garden, large vegetable garden, the clothes closet and maintenance at The Ranch (during Spring and Summer.)

Volunteer nurses/doulas to provide health care and support for at-risk pregnant moms and help with community pop-ups and outreach efforts.

Trauma counseling for women and girls in crisis.

Equity Statement

Our mission statement is "helping families cross the finish line" and our overall goal is to keep kids out of foster care and in a safe, happy and healthy home. This goal is for ALL families, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, zip code, health and ability status, or any other consideration. We identify and deliver culturally relevant services and resources so that we can meet the needs of all families we serve - so everyone can prosper and reach their full potential!

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Chicks in Crisis

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Human Services

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$500,001-$1 million

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Funding: Program, In-Kind Donations, Volunteers

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Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx, Low-income individuals/families, Black/African American

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9455 East Stockton Blvd
Elk Grove, CA 95624

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Elk Grove, CA, US

Sacramento, CA, US

Galt, CA, US

Roseville, CA, US

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