California CareForce

California CareForce is a unique safety net provider focusing on positive health outcomes, that identifies and addresses patients' immediate health needs by providing emergency, restorative, and preventive dental, vision, and medical care to the underserved and at-risk. California CareForce was founded with the intent of filling the gaps in healthcare coverage to low-income and uninsured individuals. We work to increase the provision of quality affordable health services, remove barriers to healthcare, and to improve people's lives by removing the financial burden of healthcare services. Since 2011, our clinics have provided over $15.7 million worth of emergency, restorative and preventive medical, dental, vision, and health education services to 36,904 patients with the help of 17,506 licensed professional volunteers and community members at 26 clinic events.

California CareForce has developed a proven effective healthcare delivery model to underserved populations across California. This model consists of a volunteer corps of physicians, registered nurses, dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, x-ray technicians, dental assistants, pharmacists, optometrists, ophthalmologists, vision lab technicians, interpreters, and general volunteers to run the clinics. This significantly reduces the overall expense of the clinics. California CareForce provides over $1 million worth of medical, dental, vision and health education equipment to establish the temporary free clinics. Services include: (1) Medical: Screening for hypertension, and glucose levels, general exams; (2) Dental: X-rays, hygiene, restorative (fillings), extractions; (3) Vision: eye health checks, vision exams, prescription eye glasses made on site (up to 250 pair of glasses made per day); (4) Health Education/Disease Awareness: diabetes and hypertension prevention and management, and oral health education; (5) Referral: By working with other community resources, we utilize the opportunity to connect patients to a healthcare home, in addition to other needed resources (food, education, social services, etc.)

With our infrastructure we are able to hold clinics with up to 70 dental stations, 20 medical stations, 10 vision exam lanes, as well as a vision lab that allows us to make prescription glasses on site. With enough professional and general volunteers we are capable of providing up to $300,000 in healthcare services per day.


California CareForce promotes the health and well-being of those in need through volunteer supported, no-cost healthcare clinics across California.


California CareForce receives its funding from grants, sponsorships, and individual donations. Our organizations has two paid employees and keeps our overhead at 12%, so the majority of our support focuses on hosting the free clinics and providing care to patients in need. The dollars received help to offset the cost of hosting clinics across California. They pay for the compressor needed for the dental section, or the disposable dental, vision, and medical supplies, or food for our hardworking volunteers, or the facility rental, clinic marketing, and equipment repair.

California CareForce accepts in-kind donations of eye glass frames, disposable dental supplies, personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, gowns, goggles, face shield) and hand sanitizer.

California CareForce runs the clinic with a full volunteer core of professional and general volunteers. We welcome volunteers from across California. Please visit our website for more volunteer opportunities.

California CareForce is always in search of committed individuals interested in serving on our Board. Please contact the organization for more information.

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California CareForce

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Health Care

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Funding: Unrestricted, In-Kind Donations, Volunteers, Board Members

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Veterans, Youth & Children


950 Reserve Drive Suite 120
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Coachella, CA, US

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