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The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was established in 1994 to challenge stereotypes of Islam and Muslims. The vast majority of CAIR's work deals with civil rights and anti-defamation, but its work to protect immigrants' rights is growing.

CAIR-California comprises four regional chapters. CAIR-Sacramento Valley is the third chapter to have been formed but its service area is the largest CAIR-CA geographic region. This chapter was established in 2002 by a diverse group of leaders from the Sacramento Valley in response to the increased focus on American Muslims after 9/11. CAIR-SV has become a leading voice for Muslims in California as well as the diverse Sacramento Valley Muslim community. Since 2002, CAIR-SV has become an integral part of the Sacramento Valley landscape and works to uphold the civil rights of California Muslims, foster a better understanding of the Islamic faith and its followers, and help find avenues for Muslims to integrate more fully into a healthy democracy and broader society.

CAIR-SV runs many of the statewide CAIR-CA projects including the annual Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP) and the annual Capitol Iftar Reception at the State Capitol, both discussed in more detail below.

Even beyond its mandate to advocate for American Muslims, CAIR has established a reputation as an advocate for all groups or individuals whose civil rights are in jeopardy, partnering with many local minority and legal aid organizations regardless of religion. CAIR-SV has established strong relationships with immigrants'-rights organizations within Sacramento Valley and statewide. CAIR-SV, as part of CAIR-CA, also advocates for policies and legislation that create a more just society for all.


To enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.


Immigrants' Rights Center: Sustain and grow our Immigrants' Rights Center so that our attorneys can provide quality legal assistance to refugees and community members who are facing issues with immigration, especially in light of the Muslim Ban repeal, Public Charge and increasing restrictions on all immigrants.

Expanding Outreach: Increase CAIR presence/familiarity and streamline resource sharing and educational support with Muslim communities and organizations located throughout Sacramento Valley and Central California.

Know Your Rights Presentations: Expand our Know Your Rights presentations across varying topics relevant to our constituents to inform communities of the extent of their legal rights and protections in the realm of immigration, civil rights, bullying, Islamophobia, etc..

Legal Clinics: Sustain and expand free civil rights and immigration legal clinics for American Muslims and all community members.

Launch the Muslim Gamechangers Network in our area: A 4-month social justice training program for Muslim high school students that equips participants with the tools to critically understand their world, effectively challenge injustice, and build legacies of positive change in their communities. The program consists of weekly interactive sessions and field trips centered on themes of identity, history, social responsibility, and organizing tools, all grounded in an Islamic worldview.

Organizational Growth: Hire staff in order to grow the organization's capacity and services to increase programming, trainings, advocacy efforts, legal services, outreach, and much more.

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CAIR Sacramento Valley

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Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy

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$1,000,001-$5 million

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Funding: Other, Funding: Program, Funding: Unrestricted


1122 Del Paso Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815



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