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Towering coastal redwoods, saturated poppy fields, hardy Joshua trees, ancient bristlecone pines, deserts that bloom with color after winter rains—these are all iconic images of the California we love. Our native plants are not only beautiful, but they also make California one of the world's biodiversity hotspots. No other state in the U.S. has as many species of native plants as California, and of those, a third are found nowhere else on Earth! These plants and places need our protection amid the pressures of climate change, pollution, and habitat depletion. The good news is that when we save plants, we save the many creatures that rely on them for survival. That's why CNPS has been working to protect California's native plants and the special places they inhabit since 1965. We are an organization of 36 chapters throughout California and NW Baja, Mexico, with more than 12,000 members and thousands of dedicated volunteers working at the local level to support the CNPS mission.


The mission of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) is to protect California's native plants and their natural habitats, today and into the future, through science, education, stewardship, gardening and advocacy.


As California continues to grow, new development takes a heavy toll on our remaining wild spaces, affecting the biodiversity of native plants and the life that depends on them. Now is the time to protect what we have—and reclaim some of what we’ve lost.

Imagine a world where the beautiful colors of native plants are everywhere: in the front yard of every house in your neighborhood; adorning the medians and roadsides of state highways; lining the walkways at your library, grocery store, and doctor’s office. Picture the shapes, textures, and colors of oak, sage, manzanita, fuchsia, deer grass, dudleya, monkeyflower, and redbud! Surrounding ourselves with native plants—where we live, work, and relax—isn’t a far-fetched dream.

We can transform the built environment into a place where native plants thrive, as they feed our souls and support the web of life. Native plant gardens aren’t just good for us. Native plants are fundamental to biodiversity everywhere—from canyons to containers.

The seeds of this “habitat revolution” have been planted across the state—and with your support they can grow. Your donation can:

* Give gardeners the information and inspiration they need to create lush native plant habitats and transform lawns into waterwise and fire-resistant yards.

* Allow students to explore the science and beauty of native plants in vibrant school gardens.

* Help growers and nurseries build the supply chain for native plants to meet consumer demand.

One garden at a time, we can create the corridors that connect wild things to wild places. Instead of soulless acres of grass, our roadsides, parks, and public spaces would burst with wildlife and color. Migrating birds, butterflies, bees, and forest animals would find an oasis of food and shelter as they move between wild spaces.

You can be part of the solution!

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