CLARA manages the historic Fremont School in Midtown, which Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) donated to the community as a home for diverse arts organizations, in exchange for arts education donated back to Title I schools in the District. CLARA designs the programs that allow our cultural tenants to provide in-kind arts education as "rent" back to SCUSD. These programs served 3,600 students per year from 2017 until programming was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

In 2019, CLARA launched independent fee-for-service education outreach programming to schools outside of SCUSD. Those programs served an additional 3,000 students per year through March 2020.

CLARA Classroom was launched in fall 2020 to provide a distance-learning platform for arts education. In Sacramento City Unified School District, CLARA was able to provide more than 5,000 students with access to dance, music, and theatre classes while they were in remote learning. As students return to in-person education, we see CLARA Classroom as a transformative tool to dramatically expand arts access for low-income, rural, or otherwise arts-poor students.


CLARA provides education and resources to unleash the creative potential of local arts and culture in Sacramento.

We believe that arts education is the great equalizer -- providing arts learning alongside academic subjects has been proven to have an exponential effect on long-term student success. Therefore, we are committed to bringing high quality dance, music, and theatre programs to every student in Sacramento.


In the face of COVID-19, our innovative education staff created and launched a new tool for educators wishing to bring performing arts into the class: CLARA Classroom.

CLARA Classroom brings high quality performing arts education into the digital learning environment in a format that replicates the interactive and play-based components of in-person instruction. As we shift back to in-person learning, CLARA Classroom represents an affordable way to bring the arts into rural, low-income, or otherwise arts-poor classrooms throughout our state -- and even our country.

Support from generous donors has allowed us to provide CLARA Classroom for FREE to all 13 districts in Sacramento County through September -- with your help, we can continue to ensure that all students in Sacramento have access to the arts all year long.

CLARA is home to seven arts and culture organizations with a shared commitment to growing the cultural vitality of Sacramento. Tenants of our building access below-market rent, and collaborate with CLARA to design arts education programs that bring arts back to the public schools of Sac City Unified School District.

Tenant rent is based on the expenses of operating the building; if we can offset those costs through donations, we can stabilize or even reduce the total bill carried by our arts residents. Helping CLARA underwrite our overhead impacts not just our organization but the seven other cultural groups under our roof -- your gift has an impact felt many times over.

This is an exciting time for CLARA, and we are always looking for the next generation of leaders.

A passion for arts education and the creative economy are essential, as is an entrepreneurial mindset. To learn more or to see our current board job description, please contact Executive Director Megan Wygant (

CLARA is seeking our next generation of board leaders. While a passion for arts education and the creative economy are essential, we are also particularly in need of the following skills:

-- Strong relationship capital ​- connections with philanthropic leaders and influencers, willingness to help make connections in these arenas on CLARA's behalf.

-- Fund Development / Major Gifts Solicitations​ -- CLARA is currently more than 70% earned income with ~20% of income coming from grants. Very little support comes from individual community members, and we seek to expand this area in coming years.

-- Finance​ - particularly development or real estate finance.

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