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Imagine a California where high school students are given the training, skills, and experience they need to find a career in the building industry. Imagine every high school having the resources to educate and prepare students to build homes for the state's growing population.

Since the economic downturn, for every five workers who leave the building industry, only one is replaced. As a result, the construction labor pool is depleted, and the state's workforce is only building 55% of the dwelling units it needs to house California's families (Source: CIRB Report).

Founded in 1978, the California Homebuilding Foundation advances the state's building industry through scholarships, research, and education. The Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA), the Foundation's premier educational program, provides project-based (hands-on and virtual) construction training and a direct pathway into homebuilding for students of every ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and gender role and identity.

Though CHF has expanded the program to over 40 schools in California, BITA continues to operate on a small budget and limited resources. There are thousands of high school students and industry employers relying on the tangible outcomes the BITA program has been producing for almost two decades.

BITA provides more than just job skills; BITA builds self-esteem and positive integrity for job success. It is CHF's duty and objective to continue expanding this donor-funded training program as a necessity for both students and the homebuilding workforce.


Our mission is to advance the homebuilding industry in California by providing scholarships, publishing innovative research findings, and promoting workforce education programs.

The Foundation, its staff, board of trustees, benefactors, and affiliates all work to fulfill our vision of creating a prosperous future for homebuilding in California.


There is a major need in California for trained construction professionals, and we have students who want to learn the skills. Funding to expand the BITA program provides alternative education for students seeking careers in the building workforce. Please support our goal of expanding BITA to every corner of the state.

Non-restrictive giving supporting our mission is in fact Directed Giving, which reinforces BITA and allows the program to be successful. Your gift supporting BITA joins a family of funds, allowing your donation to produce results, along with supporters of similar values.

In-kind donations are used by BITA students for various projects and competitions, including the provision of construction tools and materials, safety equipment and transportation to name a few. Donated goods can be second-hand or surplus materials. In-kind donations provide a means of doing social good by re-purposing items that would otherwise be thrown away.

Guest speakers expose students to potential careers and impart occupational knowledge. When guest speakers visit a classroom (in-person and virtually) students become inspired by the speaker's career, business, and industry. These presentations provide specific knowledge and a realistic depiction of the workplace and motivate students to actively participate in the classroom. Not only are guest speakers an important learning opportunity for students, they also provide an efficient way for organizations to engage with potential employees and the local community.

Work-based learning experiences are one of the best ways for young adults to become familiar with the skilled trades. BITA is in great need of on-site project visits, internship/mentorship opportunities, and sponsors for annual Design/Build Competitions. Learning experiences outside the classroom create awareness of the education needed to be successful in the industry. When done early in a student's career, such experiences generate motivation for students to continue in the trades after graduation.

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