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Big Day of Giving is here and Breakthrough Sacramento needs your help – now, more than ever – to make our community strong and vibrant.

This year, Breakthrough Sacramento received over double the applications from last year for limited spots in Breakthrough Sacramento Summer Academy. It is clear, the need for equitable education growing and is greater than ever in the Sacramento region.

Breakthrough Sacramento uses the power of education to radically change lives, families, and communities. Breakthrough’s program focuses on empowering under-resourced, first-generation students by providing a year-round, tuition-free, college preparatory program for 6 years. Students join Breakthrough as raising 7th graders and receive ongoing support through high school. 

Annually, Breakthrough Sacramento serves over 200+ students through career enrichment, tutoring, mental health resources, internships, and more. Breakthrough guides students to successfully navigate high school, offers college counseling as they make their college selections, and works to ensure they thrive in college and beyond.

We invite you to join us as we meet the ever-increasing need for more equitable education and community support for our underserved students.

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Breakthrough Sacramento believes in the power of education to radically change lives, families, and communities. Students join Breakthrough before 7th grade and receive ongoing support through high school completion, while inspiring committed, talented, high school and college students from around the country to teach our students and to pursue careers in education. As a six-year program, Breakthrough mentors and tutors students to successfully navigate high school, assist them with college counseling as they make their college selection, and works to ensure they thrive in college and beyond.


1. Summer Breakthrough Needs

- Stipends for our Teaching Fellows (20): $3,600 x 20

- Stipends for our Mentor Teachers (4): $3,500 x 4

- Stipends for our summer Dean of Students and Dean of Faculty (2): $4,000 x 2

- Bus transportation for up to 200 students for six weeks: $25,000

- Books for Literature class: $1,000

- Science supplies: $1,500

- Summer T-shirts: $700

- Healthy Snacks: $3,000

2. School year Weekly Tutoring Needs

- School Supplies: $1,500

3. High School College Counseling/College Prep Needs

- School Supplies, including Road to College step-by-step binder: $2,500

- Three College Tour field trips: $2,500

- SAT/SAT Prep: Volunteer support

- Financial Aid and Scholarship Research

Volunteer support

1. Hosts are needed to sponsor college-age teachers from June-August. They are independent, intelligent, and enthusiastic aspiring students who bring great energy to your home.

2. Career Day participants are needed to talk about their careers and project the opportunities that exist to graduates of all backgrounds, economic beginnings, gender, race, and religion.

3. College readiness and application counseling mentors.

4. Volunteers to offer tutoring services, support field trips, and support fundraising events.

Non-perishable breakfast foods and snacks. Students arrive at 8:00 am during the summer and are fed breakfast, provided with snacks, and are given lunch.

Chromebooks for summer programming and laptops for high school students are needed. It is uncommon for Breakthrough's high school students to have their own personal laptops. This puts them at a disadvantage and compromises the depth of their education, independence, and ability to compete in our technology-driven world. Breakthrough is also in need of robotic supplies from Parallax to expand STEM programming. Breakthrough Sacramento is evolving its Supervisory Committee and seeks active support from business/community members. Individuals are sought with a passion for serving the underserved and delivering excellent educational experiences that assure young people become ready to work in meaningful careers.

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Breakthrough Sacramento

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$500,001-$1 million

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Funding: Program, Volunteers, In-Kind Donations, Technology, Board Members

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Youth & Children, Low-income individuals/families

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Sacramento, CA, US

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