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The Sacramento Asian/Pacific Islander Network was founded in February of 2020. While not yet an official membership-based organization, the Network has continued to grow to nearly 40 volunteers and organizers, and over 15 community-based partners. In order to advance a larger Asian American movement, the Network's coalition model relies, values, and elevates the expertise of its partners working the closest to their respective communities. We are grateful for ALL of our organizational partners, our fiscal sponsors over the last two years, and our founding Board.

After over a year of a community formalization process, the Sacramento A/PI Regional Network is now transitioning to a 501c3 non-profit under the official name: The Asian American Liberation Network. Our mission is to build power in the Asian American community to advance social justice and collective liberation.

Thank you to all of those who made this vision possible. 

Giving Activity


Our mission is to build power in the Asian American community to advance social justice and collective liberation.


The Asian American Liberation Network is looking to help fund the following the 2024 year:

1. DISCRETIONARY FUNDS TO DIRECT LEADERSHIP AND PROGRAMS THAT OUR COMMUNITY HAS BEEN WAITING FOR - Too many of us accept "liberation may not happen during our lifetime." Because we accept that the conditions and systems will never fund our collective liberation. However, our community deserves bold courageous leadership that will challenge our conditions and systems to do what's RIGHT, rather than what's selectively beneficial.

2. CAPACITY - AALN is the dream of many of us who grew up in/moved to Sacramento and did not feel welcomed or supported to thrive as the best versions of us and our community. We have LOVE, PASSION, DRIVE, and VISION for what Sacramento can become, AND we need capacity to generate these brilliant and innovative strategies. Please support us in funding a PAID internship opportunity with AALN for 2 interns who will strengthen our foundation and processes.

3. INCREASE ACCESS TO HOLISTIC HEALING & MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES - Access to holistic healing and mental health has always been at the forefront of AALN's approach to organizing and collective liberation. We believe the first step towards collective liberation is healing, decolonizing the internalized practices and values we have inherited from systems of oppression. Please support us in building a decolonized and TRUSTED network of holistic healers and behavioral health practitioners AND help community members access their healing services for the first time.

Equity Statement

AALN fights for social justice and collective liberation. Liberation is defined as the respected, represented, celebrated, nourished, and resourced existence of all communities.

We know the Asian American community is vast and nuanced. We intersect with other identities, all of which are valuable to the Asian American experience. Because we are not a monolith, we know responses to our needs cannot be monolithic.

We lead with equity– meaning we practice inclusivity, recognize impact, and prioritize those closest to the pain.

Community organizations, trusted leaders, and members who serve in their unique communities and who share in identity and lived experiences are the best to inform and develop solutions to their own justice and liberation.

We strive to build relationships with organizations, leaders and community members, and amplify these identities and experiences.

We challenge the systems and interventions that have been and continue to be harmful to our communities. We know there is a way to reimagine systems and solutions that align with these values and work for not just us, but everyone.

We believe in abundance– we do not accept the notion that there aren’t enough resources for all to be liberated.

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Asian American Liberation Network (AALN)

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Sacramento A/PI Regional Network

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Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy

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